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Costume Versettes
C1. Accountant [sitting at desk, left hand crossed over chest, right elbow resting on left arm, right hand on chin, leaning back looking at ceiling, pensive; piggy bank, bills, adding machine with long tape spilling out of it in piles on floor, glasses on head, pencil behind ear, ledger, sweater-vest, sleeves rolled up, bowtie]
Rom 14:12 So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.
[ An accountant is responsible for keeping up financial records for others and giving reports on those records. That can help remind us of how we will each give an account of (give a report on) ourselves to God about our lives.
When asked "What is the greatest thought that ever passed through your mind?" the famous American statesman, Daniel Webster (1782-1852), gave a memorable four-word answer: "My accountability to God."1
Webster recognized that we are responsible for the decisions we make in this life. Unbelievers will be punished for their sins at the Great White Throne Judgment (Ps 10:13), but faithful believers will not be punished because we will have been washed clean of our sins by Jesus (2 Sam 22:25). Still, making bad choices can hurt your earthly future, bring you pain and can give you unhappy memories--so it is far better to make good choices in the first place!
Believers will give an account of their deeds on earth at the Judgment Seat of Christ. We will report on whether we have used our time and resources well (Eccl 12:14) and we will receive our rewards (Mat 16:27). Try to live in such a way as to feel good about the decisions you have made in your life. Pray to discover what deeds God has prepared in advance for you to do (Eph 2:10). Find a way to serve the Lord by serving others with whatever talents God gave you. Do good deeds--they increase your heavenly rewards. Give back to God a tenth of the money He allows you to earn--it all belongs to Him anyway (1 Chr 29:14, Mal 3:7-10, Phlp 4:17). Tell others about Jesus and salvation (Mark 16:15). In all these ways, you will be able to feel "confident and unashamed" before God that you were a faithful servant who used your time and resources well (1 John 2:28, Mat 25:21, 1 Tim 3:13).]
Heb 4:13
Job 31:14
2 Cor 5:10

1 William J. Federer, America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations (Coppell, TX: FAME Publishing, Inc., 1996) 673-674.

C2. Archaeologist
[ Archaeologists are scientists who study the past. They are especially interested in how people lived and what their cultures were like. One of the ways they do this is by digging in areas of ancient cities and studying what they find. Archaeologists have made great progress, especially over the past 150 years.1 Improvements in scientific equipment have also made it easier for archaeologists to do their job and for "knowledge to increase."
Finding hundreds of thousands of artifacts, archaeologists have proven over and over that the Bible is a reliable source of information about man’s past.2 Not only can most of the major biblical cities be identified, over 25,000 sites have been found in the Holy Lands that show some connection to the Old Testament.3 For instance, they have discovered:

(1) palaces, statues, coins, seals and written records of leaders mentioned in the Bible, as well as seals of their servants4, 5, 6
(2) various historical records of and physical evidence related to battles recorded in the Bible7, 8
(3) evidence of fire and destruction at Sodom (Ex 19)9
(4) evidence of cities, peoples and nations mentioned in the Bible that critics thought had not existed10, 11
(5) the ruins of Pithom showing bricks made with and without straw (Ex 5:7)12
(6) historical records of the Exodus plagues (Ex 7-12)13

Another interesting discovery was made by a Bedouin goat herdsman in 1947. He found some clay jars in a cave near the Dead Sea that contained some scrolls. Experts studied these Dead Sea Scrolls and found them to be some of the oldest manuscripts of the Bible that exist. They found that they help verify the accuracy of the Bible.14
Well-known archaeologist Nelson Glueck put it this way, " . . . no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a single biblical reference. Scores of archaeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical statements in the Bible. And, by the same token, proper evaluation of biblical descriptions has often led to amazing discoveries."15
In fact, because we know the Bible is true and God is all-knowing, we also know that no accurately identified historical, geographical or scientific discovery has ever disproved16 or will ever disprove anything in the Bible!]
Dan 12:4 (KJV) . . . "even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."
Dan 2:21-22

An Extra Lesson: Prophesied Increase in Travel and Knowledge
The prophecies in Daniel 12:4 have been fulfilled in a very interesting way. The total amount of mankind’s available knowledge once took many centuries to double. Now it has been estimated that knowledge (including the creation of new knowledge through discoveries, inventions, etc., as well as increasing discoveries of historical matters) is doubling as often as every one year or so!
Just in the last 200 years, many of the most significant inventions in history have been produced, including the modern versions of the electric power plant, telegraph, radio, telephone, television, computers, email, the World Wide Web, cars, airplanes, spacecraft and satellites.
Around the year 1900, most travel was by foot, horse (or horse-drawn vehicles), train or ship. Now, however, mankind can fly faster than the speed of sound, rocket into outer space and even drive around on the moon!
Whereas long-distance communication around 1800 could take months by mail, now we can watch news events occurring live worldwide and instantly talk with or text people around the globe.
Can you imagine being a person from Bible times and getting to briefly visit our present world? How would it feel to see and interact with today’s inventions? What modern man takes for granted would simply boggle your mind!

[Resource: For more information on the Dead Sea Scrolls, see http://www.christiananswers.net/q-abr/abr-a023.html ]

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C3. Architect and Building Inspector [at drafting table with plans, both in hardhats, architect in suit, measuring tape on inspector’s belt]
Prov 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.
[ Architects design buildings and draw up plans for how they are to be built. Then they and the building inspectors supervise the construction activities. They want to make sure that the blueprints (copies of the building plans) are followed accurately, everything is up to code and that the building turns out correctly.
That reminds us of the old saying, "A job worth doing is worth doing well." When you do a job, do you do it well? Will it hold up to inspection? Are the things you plan to do in your life worthy goals? In other words, does everything about your plans agree with God’s "blueprint" for living, the Bible (Ezek 43:11)? If you put your plans in writing, would you be comfortable showing them to Jesus? Remember that the Lord sees and even examines (looks closely at) everything we do (Prov 5:21). After you start your project, if the Lord officially inspected your work, would He be pleased (Ex 39:43)? Would He give it His blessing?
If you want your plans to succeed, first pray for the Lord’s guidance. When you decide what you want to do, make sure nothing about your plans disagrees with the guidance in God’s word. Then dedicate your plans to the Lord and ask Him to help you do them. Always try to be faithful to the Lord’s overall biblical blueprint for your life--you and the Lord will both be happier!]
Ps 20:4
Prov 14:22

C4. Artist [girl in art smock and beret sitting in wheelchair]
1 Cor 10:31 . . . whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
[ A good artist can turn a plain canvas into a beautiful painting that delights people, gives them a sense of peace or even helps them to grow closer to the Lord. Many artists enjoy painting religious art and do their work "all for the glory of God." For instance, Greg Olsen does wonderful paintings of Jesus and Pat Marvenko Smith has done beautiful paintings of what she believes heaven looks like. Some artists, like Joni Eareckson Tada, paint beautifully in spite of their limited ability to move. The world-famous Thomas Kinkade also honors God by putting Bible verses on his work.
Sadly, other people misuse their talent for art. They paint things that are not pleasing to God and that can even inspire people to think or do sinful things.
Good or bad though, some artwork lasts for hundreds, even thousands of years. However, whether it is carved in stone, arranged in ancient tile mosaics, cast in precious metals or painted on canvas, all earthly art can be destroyed one way or another. Whether it is through fire, earthquake, flood, decay, etc., we simply cannot expect it to last forever.
Now, let’s look at the "big picture." Think not just art, but life itself: WHATEVER godly word or deed Christians purposely do to serve the Lord, the results will last for all eternity! No fire, no earthquake, no flood, no decay will EVER erase these godly efforts (1 Cor 3:11-15)!
Quoting from missionary C. T. Studd’s poem Only One Life, may help you to focus your efforts. He said, "Only what’s done for Christ will last." These good deeds--also considered a type of "good fruit" in the Bible--may help another a little in life, or sometimes even on a huge, eternal scale, like if you lead them to Christ. But whether big or small, your good deeds not only help others now, they also build up your own everlasting rewards and treasures in heaven later (John 15:16, Rom 2:6, 1 Tim 6:18-19, Mat 6:19:21)! These are truly win-win situations! Pretty cool, huh?
So, if you want to be an artist, use your talents in uplifting ways that bless people and please God! And if you want to serve the Lord in ANY godly way, painting or otherwise, GO FOR IT! He will NOT forget your efforts (Heb 6:10)!
Col 3:17
Col 3:23-24

C5. Athletes [draw in their uniforms holding the ball or instrument they use: football, basketball, baseball girl, hockey with stick, soccer girl]
2 Tim 2:5 . . . if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor’s crown unless he competes according to the rules.
[ There are many different kinds of rules for many different kinds of sports. Athletes must be familiar with the rules of whatever sport or sports they want to be involved in. They must play the game according to the rules if they would rather win than be disqualified. They must also play the game correctly if they want to do well, enjoy it more, please the coach, please the referees and win awards.
Likewise, if we want to "win" and not be disqualified (if we want to get to heaven, not hell), we must accept Jesus. If we love the Lord, want to do well, have a more enjoyable life, please God and earn rewards in heaven, we should also "play" (live life) according to God’s rules.
A lot of athletes, both professionals and amateurs, are Christians and belong to Christian athletic organizations. These organizations offer things like fellowship (Christian friendship), evangelizing (telling others about the Lord), Bible studies, chapel services, youth ministries, summer sports camps, athletic clinics, magazines, videos, etc. If you want to get involved with an organization like this, there are quite a few that you can choose from. Some specialize in one sport such as: baseball, basketball, cycling, fencing, football, golfing, hiking, hockey, horseback riding, martial arts, racing, soccer, tennis or track. Others cover many different types of sports. One example is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes--it has over 7,000 local groups!
Ask your parents to help you look up Christian sports groups through a Christian Internet search engine or ask for assistance at your local library.]
2 Cor 8:21
1 John 5:3

C6. Baker
Mat 26:26 . . . Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying, "Take and eat; this is my body."
[ If you grow up to be a baker, maybe someday you will have the honor of baking some bread to be shared during a communion service. Communion is a special part of a worship service when Christians share bread and wine. We should take communion with reverence (respect) for the Lord. The Apostle Paul told us that we should not take communion in an unworthy manner, but that we should recognize the body of the Lord (1 Cor 11:27-29).
Jesus told us during the Last Supper that the communion bread we eat is His body. Then He told us in Matthew 26:27-28 that the communion wine we drink is His blood "of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins." You see, Jesus is the living bread of God who came here to give believers a more abundant life on earth (John 10:10), to forgive his followers for sins and to offer us eternal life in heaven.
The Bible also tells us that we don’t "live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Mat 4:4). Jesus is both the living bread of God and the living Word of God (John 1:1). Through the living Word we are born again (1 Pet 1:23), strengthened, refreshed, made wise, given joy, warned, protected and more (Jer 15:16).
So celebrate Jesus--the living bread and the living Word!]
John 6:51
John 1:14

C7. Ballerina [research Maria Tallchief; if info positive and can find pretty costume, use her and add note about her being famous Native American ballerina]
Ps 149:3 Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and harp.
[ Dancing can be even more than a beautiful performance that entertains people. God likes his children to be happy and joyful. Dancing is one way to get happy. It can be a way to celebrate life, health and the blessings of the Lord.
As Miriam showed us in the Bible, it can also be a way to thank and worship the Lord. In fact, even King David danced before the Lord!
Do you want to become a performing dancer? Whatever godly talents you have, you can dedicate to the Lord. Then you can entertain others and serve the Lord, too!]
Ex 15:20
2 Sam. 6:14

C8. Barber [have birdcage with 2 small birds in it in the barber shop]
Luke 12:7 . . . "the very hairs of your head are all numbered" . . .
[ Have you ever asked a barber how many hairs the average person has on their head? It’s about 150,000! Yet God tells us He knows each of the over 6 billion people on earth so well that He even knows how many hairs each one has on his or her head! In other words, God knows and cares about even the smallest details of our lives. He knows how many freckles we have, when the last time was we stubbed our toe and what we had for breakfast. In fact, if He cares so much about the little details, can you imagine how much He cares about the big ones? He knows what we are thinking, what we are doing now, what we have done in the past and what we will do in the future (Ps 139:16). He has special plans for each of His believing children (Jer 29:11) and has prepared special jobs for each of us to do (Eph 2:10). Never, never doubt God’s loving care and concern for you!]
Luke 12:6-7
Ps 139:2

C9. Bellhop [old-fashioned with pill-box cap, holding suitcases]
Gal 6:2 Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
[ A bellhop is someone at a hotel who helps by carrying your suitcases or burdens to your room. We can help people carry some of their burdens, too. If we help others "lighten their load," it means we make their day go a little easier. For instance, if a family member or friend is burdened by troubles, you can try to help them. If they are sad, you can try to comfort them. If they have lost something, you can try to help them find it. If they have broken a favorite toy and you have an extra, you might want to give them one of yours. If they have no lunch, you might want to share yours.
When we care about other people and help them out during tough times, we are being merciful. Mercy is a trait that God highly approves of. So play bellhop and lighten someone’s load today. Help them carry their burdens!
[Note: Remember, no matter how sad a stranger’s story is, don’t help them--leave quickly and go get another adult to help or call "911"! Adults you don’t know should only ask other adults for help, not children. Don’t have anything to do with strangers!]]
Ex 18:22
Mat 5:7

C10. Carpenter [show with wooden tool box]
Mat 7:24 "Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock."
[ Have you ever built a sandcastle at the seashore and, when the tide came in, watched the waves wash it away? Water can easily disintegrate these sand structures. After all, there is no firm substance holding them together and no firm foundation under them holding them up.
Perhaps sandcastles can give you a tiny idea about the importance of good foundations for houses. Good carpenters know that having a strong, supporting foundation under a house is an absolute necessity to building a solid, lasting structure. Without a firm foundation, a house can, like Jesus said, fall "with a great crash."
This parable (story) shows we need a firm foundation for our lives, too--a firm foundation of God’s word. Jesus used the firm-foundation parable at the very end of His Sermon on the Mount. Beginning in Matthew Chapter 5 with the Beatitudes, Jesus talked about types of people who are blessed. Then He went on to speak of being a good example, of the reliability of the Bible, of sins, of good things to do, of prayer, fasting, worry, judgment, getting into the kingdom of God, false prophets and how to tell what others are like by watching what they do ("by their fruit you will recognize them"). Finally, He ended with the house-on-the-rock parable. He pointed out that those who heard and did what He said to do were like the wise builder, but that those who heard and didn’t put His words into practice were like the foolish builder.
So what can we learn from this parable? Do you want to be wise and stand strong even in hard times? Then you need a rock-solid foundation to support you. The Lord is that Rock (2 Sam 22:2) and His word gives us a firm, reliable foundation to build our lives on (Prov 1:1-7). The Bible helps us to stand strong without crashing down in the storms of life!]
[Note: Do your folks know how to use carpentry tools? You might ask them to show you how to use a few basic ones while you are young. You can have a lot of fun making small things now and later on, those skills can really come in handy, too!]
Mat 7:25-27

C11. Circus Performers [draw evil-looking lion (mask over whole face) getting ready to attack behind clueless ringmaster and lion tamer]
1 Pet 5:8 Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
[ Have you ever been to the circus? The performance can be quite varied and fun, right? Some circuses even have huge elephants, dancing bears and roaring lions, so the performers in charge always have to stay in control of their senses. They must remain ever alert to protect themselves and the audiences from harm. After all, can you imagine what would happen if, say, a lion were to get loose? Utter chaos!
Well, there already is a sort of roaring lion on the loose--the devil. And he is constantly creating chaos. Like the circus performers, we always have to stay in control of our senses and be alert. However, this lion is far, far more dangerous than the circus variety. The devil is the thief who " . . . comes only to steal and kill and destroy . . . " (John 10:10). He wants to hurt us any way he can, as much as he can, as long as he can. In fact, the devil wants to hurt us for all eternity, so he tries to keep us from accepting the Lord’s free gift of salvation and heaven. Therefore, he prowls around like a lion waiting to pounce on us!
The devil knows what our weaknesses are and he knows where to attack us. However, if we let our guard down, he can even attack us in areas where we think we can resist temptation.
So how can we protect ourselves? Stay close to God, pray and stay under His protection. Study the Bible for advice on how to live a strong Christian life. Avoid tempting or dangerous situations. Don’t let your guard down. Submit yourself to God and, " . . . Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7).]
1 John 5:18
2 Thes 3:3

C12. Corrections Officers [show two correctional officers, one a cute, blue-eyed blond female and any male]
Job 36:10 He makes them listen to correction and commands them to repent of their evil.
[ Corrections officers are basically jailers who handle prisoners. When people make bad choices in life, it tends to restrict their freedom, even if they don’t end up in jail. When somebody has done something wrong, some sort of "correction" is in order. Did you know that God "corrects" His children when we do something wrong? Unlike prisoners though, God’s children usually get to remain free while we are learning. You see, God gives us free will, which means He lets us make our own choices. He will not force us to make the right choices, nor will He force us to love Him.
On the other hand, Christians may find that frequently the smallest sin gets them in some sort of trouble, while a non-Christian they know can do the same thing or worse and not have any problem. It may sound odd, but that is actually an example of God’s love. God is patient with us, not wanting any of us to die in our sins, but to repent and live (2 Pet 3:9, Ezek 18:32). God loves His children so much that He hates to see us heading down the wrong road. Therefore, He often corrects us by trying to discourage us from doing bad things before we start doing really, really bad things.
For instance, God may correct us or discipline us by simply letting us suffer the consequences (results) of what we have done wrong. Or He may let the Holy Spirit convict us of our sin (make us feel aware of and ashamed of our sin). Or He may quietly remind us with a Bible verse or with His "still small voice" of the pain that similar choices have caused us or others in the past (1 Ki 19:12, Job 33:16-18).
That is not unfair treatment. That is the love of our good heavenly Father. He cares enough to try to try to steer us away from trouble and point us in the direction of a more abundant life!]
Prov 6:23
Prov 3:11-12 (KJV) . . . despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction: For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.
Job 33:29-30

C13. Deep-Sea Diver [diver on ocean floor next to large rock; rock has big heart on it saying, "Be Mine, Love Jesus," maybe bed visible through window inside of undersea living structure, Home Sweet Home sign over door]
Ps 139:8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
[ Did you know that the Spirit of God is omnipresent (everywhere)? No matter if we are gathering data on the bottom of the ocean, climbing the highest mountain or even exploring the moon, God is there. Did you also know that God is love (1 John 4:8)? So…..if God exists everywhere..…and God is love…..that means His love extends from the highest heavens down through the deepest depths of the sea! That is some seriously BIG love! In fact, His love is SOOO big that He willingly died on the cross for us (John 15:13)! He did this to pay for our sins so we could be made worthy to go to heaven and live with Him if we agree to be His!
As if this isn’t enough, God also does many other things for us that are wonderful signs of His love. But you know what’s sad? Often we don’t even notice (Is 42:20)! For instance, a good coincidence is when a nice thing happens unexpectedly at just the right time. Some believers call these good coincidences "divine coincidences." By that they mean that what appeared to happen by chance or accident, is really a blessing that God arranged on purpose.
It may be something like a heavy object not falling until you are just out of reach…..or something as simple as an old friend dropping by unexpectedly when you are lonely…..or someone giving you a warm winter jacket they’ve outgrown not knowing you’ve just lost yours…..or receiving two identical calculators as gifts, when you know your friend needs one and have been wishing you could help them out. You get the idea.
Paying attention to these "divine coincidences" helps you better appreciate God’s love and caring involvement in your life. What’s more, telling unbelieving loved ones about these mini-miracles may even help bring them come a little closer to accepting the Lord. So ask God to help you recognize His many "accidentally on-purpose" blessings and those special signs of His love!]
Eph 3:17-18
Is 42:20

C14. Dentist [holding pliers with blackened tooth, maybe show happy patient, too]
Prov 25:19 Like a bad tooth . . . is reliance on the unfaithful in times of trouble.
[ True, faithful friends sincerely care about you. They stick with you in both happy times and sad times. They help you and always want the best for you. They will never ask you to do anything that is wrong.
On the other hand, false, unfaithful friends who don’t love God have no problem asking you to do bad things. This is especially true if it will get them something they want. It is also especially true if enticing you to do something wicked that they have already done will bring you down to their level and give them a feeling of satisfaction. Then on top of that, they typically desert you when you are sad or in trouble.
Relying on unfaithful people brings you pain like a bad tooth brings you pain. When a tooth is beyond repair, what do you do? You have it removed because it hurts you and is bad for you. Along the same line, although you can’t "remove" a bad-tooth type friend, you can remove yourself from a circle of those bad-tooth-type, unfaithful friends.
Protect yourself from the hurt that type of person can cause you. Protect that lovely, toothy smile of yours. Find other kids like yourself who love Jesus and follow His example--good people like that can make wonderful, faithful friends that help keep you safe and help to keep you smiling!]
1 John 4:7-8

[Opportunity: For information on visiting the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, MD, see http://www.dentalmuseum.org/ ]

C 15. Diplomat [tux, top hat, white gloves, cane, overcoat, silk scarf and white card in hand saying "Carte Blanche" ; standing on red carpet, limousine in back]
1 John 3:6 No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.
[ Diplomats typically represent their country abroad. Behaving honorably is important in order to represent their country well. Sometimes diplomats are given carte blanche (meaning "white card") which is kind of like a license to do whatever they want. Responsible diplomats use this privilege with integrity--it helps them get their job done more quickly.
Unfortunately, when it comes to sinning, some people who claim to be Christians act like they have a completely opposite kind of carte blanche--one where no integrity is expected. They seem to think they can deliberately do whatever sinful thing they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. Then they think they can just "repent" and confess it the next day. They may say things like, "Yeah, I know it’s a sin, but it’s no big deal. I’m really a good person. God knows I love Him. I’ll just confess this later on."
True repentance includes being genuinely sorry for a sin and not doing that sin anymore. Instead, these people are intentionally misusing God’s grace (unearned favor) as an excuse to do wrong. Although God forgives repentant sinners, His word clearly lets us know that we do not have carte blanche. There are limits.
Use your freedom in Christ to be a good diplomat for God, not a bad one (Gal 5:1, 13; 1 Pet 2:16; James 1:25). Make your decisions based on what you think Jesus would do (1 John 2:4-6). Try to live an honorable, godly life and represent the Lord’s kingdom well!]
Jude 1:4
Ezek 33:11
Heb 10:26-27

C16. Director [with old-fashioned camera; megaphone, scene board and director’s chair in pic]
Ps 119:133 Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.
[ Directors have a great deal of influence. Movies and television can inspire people to be good or encourage them to be bad. They can make people happy, sad or even angry. They can confuse people, teach them truth or teach them error. Some directors use their power to do good and to make family-friendly shows. That’s wonderful!
However, many directors misuse their power. They make shows that influence people to be sinful and that pretend evil is normal (Prov 13:2, Jer 5:26-28, 2 Pet 2:18). Watching evil and violence desensitizes us to evil. That means it makes us less bothered by evil, so we begin to think of evil as "normal," accepted, common or no big deal. Then, not only are we less likely to fight against evil, we are even more likely to do evil things ourselves. We may think, "Well, if these famous people do or say [something bad], it must be normal and okay."
Keep in mind that even if a whole lot of famous people do bad things, that does not make evil okay (Rom 8:5). Also, movies and television rarely show us how much pain sin can cause for ourselves or others, nor do they often teach people how to avoid sin. Not only that, watching even one bad picture can leave painful images in our minds that can bother us for years. The Lord hates evil and violence (Ps 11:5). Evil is not okay, it is a big deal, it does hurt people and it should bother us! Instead, the best way to figure out what is right is to check with God’s word. God’s word never changes and His word is always the bottom line for figuring out what is normal, healthy and good (Ps 119:144).
Here’s some good news: some people in Hollywood have come to know the Lord! They have begun to make a difference and to serve Him. Many of these have done so after years of living the wrong way. They have typically discovered that money, power, fame, etc., are really empty without God. Among other things, Christians in Hollywood have: refused to play parts that don’t agree with the Bible; have changed scripts to delete ungodly words and scenes; and have even changed the whole approach to a new series to a more godly one (which then went on to become very successful).
Would you like to make a difference, too? You can! Hey, your muscles may not be very big yet, but you can still flex ‘em! Here’s how:

(1) Pray: Pray that more in the industry will turn to the Lord. Remember, He wants all to be saved (1 Tim 2:1-4) and welcomes repentant people who accept Him (1 Tim 1:13-16).
(2) Vote with your wallet: That means use the influence of money to support the production of good shows, not evil ones, by only renting, buying or going to see good movies and by informing commercial television sponsors in writing that you refuse to buy their products until they stop paying for advertising on ungodly shows. [Tip: You can buy family-friendly movies for discount prices online at Christian Book Distributors.]
(3) Protect yourself, your family and your friends!: Avoid bad shows and every book, game, toy, etc. connected with them (James 1:21)!
(4) Ask your folks to pre-screen movies: They can check on the content of a movie beforehand to help decide if it would be worth seeing or buying. They can do so on the Christian movie review sites Plugged In Online (Focus on the Family) or CapAlert (Cap Ministry).
(5) Use your library: You can check out free family-friendly movies at many libraries. Some libraries also buy additional family-friendly movies for check-out if you recommend some to them.

Ps 119:37
Ps 101:3-4
Ps 141:4

C17. Domestic Servants [butler, maid, cook]
John 15:15 "I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends" . . .
[ Domestic servants are people like maids, cooks, butlers and valets that serve others around a house. They are often employed in the large households of well-to-do people. Years ago, the owner of such a large household was often referred to as "the master."
Did you know that Jesus is our master? Although He deserves to have us serve Him, He came to serve us instead! One way Jesus demonstrated His willingness to serve others was when He humbly washed the feet of His disciples (John 13:5). He both told us and showed us that he calls His faithful followers "friends" not "servants."
Later on, Jesus demonstrated the ultimate example of "show and tell." He told us He came to serve us, then He showed us that truth when He lovingly sacrificed His life for us by dying on the cross for our sins (Phlp 2:5-8).
We can learn from Jesus’ example. As faithful followers of Jesus, we can both serve others with our lives (show) and share the salvation message (tell). In this way, the faithful "friends" of Jesus can serve their master by helping to bring others to a saving knowledge of Him (2 Cor 4:5, Eph 3:7).]
John 15:14
Mark 10:43-45

C18. Doorman
Prov 8:34 Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.
[ A doorman watches at the doors and sees who is coming in or going out. They must stay prepared. We, too, should stay prepared, especially now. Why? Because although we don’t know exactly when it will occur, many signs seem to indicate this is the generation of believers that will be in the Rapture (Luke 12:40, Mat 24:36). The Rapture is the wonderful event when Jesus will come in the air to resurrect the believing dead and gather true believers to him in the sky (1 Thes 4:17-18). He will instantly change us from mortal to immortal and take us all to heaven (1 Cor 15:51-53)! It will all happen very quickly--in the twinkling of an eye!
Nonbelievers will be left behind. Some also think that those who claim to be believers, but who are living in major sin, will be left behind as well. Many of those left on earth will be very surprised, scared and broken-hearted to see believers just disappear. After that will follow seven years of the tribulation (very bad times) on earth. The antichrist (a very evil ruler controlled by Satan) will be the head of the one-world government and will cause his followers to accept the mark (possibly a tattoo or implanted microchip; see Rev 13:16-18). Tragically, taking the antichrist’s mark keeps people out of heaven.
At the end of the seven years will be the Second Coming of Christ* to the earth. That is when Jesus will come with the armies of heaven and defeat the antichrist and his followers in the Battle of Armageddon. Then Jesus will establish His peaceful 1000-year millennial kingdom on earth, followed by a wonderful eternity with Him.
Don’t wait to accept Jesus--get ready now! He is the door to enter to be saved (John 10:9)!
[*Notes and Resources: Many people consider the Second Coming of Christ to be a two-part event: the first part being the Rapture in the clouds and the second part being at the Battle of Armageddon on earth seven years later. Although there is quite a bit of Bible prophecy about the end times, the following is a partial list if you would like to learn more: Matthew 24, Ezekiel 38, 2 Timothy 3, 2 Peter 3, Daniel 9-11, Revelation, Luke 17 and 21, Mark 13, Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Zechariah 14. For an interesting website listing 101 last-days signs and prophecies, see http://www.understandthetimes.org/101prophecy.shtml ]]
Mark 13:34-35
Rev 3:20
Ps 84:10

C19. Drivers [taxi driver in a taxi pedal car, bus driver, chauffeur]
Prov 16:17 The highway of the upright avoids evil; he who guards his way guards his life.
[ Good drivers know to choose good roads, obey traffic laws, pay attention to road signs and stay safe. Bad roads might be partially washed out, be flooded or have some other major problem. Or they might be dead ends. If drivers were to veer off onto roads like these, they could endanger themselves and their passengers or at least waste time and effort.
There are people in life who want you to go down the wrong road--the one that leads to destruction. These "backseat drivers" may criticize your efforts to drive down the straight and narrow path. They might say things like, "Forget the Bible, make up your own rules!"
Think about that. Just imagine how dangerous our streets and highways would be if everybody made up their own rules! People would drive down the wrong side of the street, ignore red lights, speed, drive intoxicated, etc. You can see how that same sort of thinking would fail miserably as an approach to life. Instead, God’s word shows us the right path. It is safer, smoother and helps you accomplish more good. It leads to eternal pleasures and helps you avoid many of the major potholes of life.
Don’t let the backseat drivers steer you in the wrong direction. Stay "in the driver’s seat" (in control of your decisions) on the King’s Highway. Protect yourself and all those around you who might be affected by your actions.]
Mat 7:13-14
Ps 119:35
Ps 16:11

C20. Drum Majorette
Gal 5:25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.
[ Have you ever seen a marching band where somebody was not in step with their group? That sort of thing doesn’t look right, does it? When believers don’t act like believers, they are "out of step with the Spirit." When they ignore God and start marching to a different tune, they are more likely to step into sin. Sin’s "different tune" may sound nice to them at first, but sooner or later it turns ugly. Sin hurts us in many ways such as bringing sadness, pain, embarrassment, shame and punishment. Sinful behavior is also a bad example for others. It can cause them to trip, get out of step and stumble into sin, too.
If you want to be happy and also be a good influence on others, live by the Spirit--do what the Lord says to do: Be strong, stay in step with the Spirit and "march on"!]
Judg 5:21
Gal 5:16

C21. Forest Ranger
James 3:5 . . . the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.
[ You know how forest rangers urge us to prevent forest fires? God urges us to prevent gossip. It, too, spreads like fire. Gossip is talking about others in a bad way. Gossip can be saying: a very private, unkind or embarrassing thing about someone; repeating a bad rumor (something you heard that may not even be true--Lev 19:16); boasting about something you did that makes someone else look bad; or repeating a personal secret (Prov 11:13). Guessing out loud what you think a situation is about, can also be like gossip and can start rumors. Gossip can cause hurt feelings and vengeful return gossip (Obad 1:15). Gossip can ruin someone’s good name in a very painful way (Prov 22:1).
Sometimes people think it’s okay to gossip "just a little" or that it’s not gossip if they "only" tell one person, but they are kidding themselves (James 1:26). Gossip hurts others! Gossip can also start fights between friends (Prov 16:28, 17:9). Furthermore, people who gossip aren’t as well-liked or as trusted as others. (Example: If Charlie gossips about his old girlfriend in front of Sally (his new girlfriend), Sally would be wise to assume he will gossip about her, too.) Finally, gossips will eventually be found out (Eccl 10:20).
Protect yourself and others--refuse to gossip (Prov 21:23)! Remember: if you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
What if someone else starts to gossip? Remind them that gossiping isn’t very nice (Lev 19:17). Tell them you would rather talk about something else. If they won’t change the subject, leave (2 Tim 2:16). Put the sparks of gossip out quickly before they flame out of control.]
Prov 26:20

C22. Gardener [draw with a glove with a green thumb on right hand giving thumbs up sign, triumphantly holding up huge bunch of carrots in left hand]
Prov 12:11 He who works his land will have abundant food . . .
[ Gardens can be a lot of fun! They can take a lot of work, what with breaking up the soil, planting, watering, weeding, fertilizing and harvesting--but they are SOOO worth it! It is very satisfying to see and smell the lovely flowers or eat the fresh fruits and vegetables that you have grown in your own garden. Your local library can provide plenty of information to help you begin.
There are even specialized gardening books available like Planting a Bible Garden by F. Nigel Hepper. This book tells you what to choose for growing plants like those mentioned in the Bible. If you live in a moderate climate (similar to that of Israel or Southern California), or if a greenhouse is available, you could start such a garden at your home or perhaps at your church. Just think, your garden could be a sort of living museum!*
Gardening also helps you to see just a little bit of God’s wisdom at work--you can see the incredible results of how God has designed tiny little seeds to grow into flowers, fruit, vegetables, trees and more!
If you want to work with plants when you grow up, too, you may want to specialize as a nurseryman (who works at a place that raises plants, such as for sale), a landscaper (who designs and plants gardens, yards, parks, etc.), a horticulturalist (who works with the more scientific aspects of growing plants) or a farmer (who grows tons of food and feeds tons of people!).
Anybody who enjoys gardening can tell you that watching tiny little seeds sprout up and become full-grown plants is a fun and fascinating thing to do. Try it--you’ll be glad you did!]
Jer 29:5
Deu 8:10

[*Opportunity: You might want to check the Internet and see if any of the churches or public gardens near you have Bible gardens or Bible-garden sections. Touring one of these gardens can add a whole new dimension to your understanding of Bible times!]

C23. Gas Station Attendant [find picture old-fashioned uniform and old gas pump]
1 Pet 1:18-19 . . . it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ . . .
[ Not long ago most gas stations had attendants that pumped people’s gas for them. That can remind us of another kind of "fuel." When you get a little older, you may find that you often run into people whose internal "fuel tanks" seem to be running almost on "E" for empty. They may have no satisfaction in life, no goals, no direction and no hope for the future. If so, they probably don’t know Jesus. And they probably will have been listening to worldly people who deceived them with "empty words" (Eph 5:6).
In recent years there has been an increase in the number of ungodly people who don’t believe in God. They often teach wrong things like: there is no such thing as right and wrong, make up your own rules, a good excuse justifies any action, if it’s right for you it’s right regardless, if it feels good do it, seize the day, look out for only yourself, etc. Following these types of wrong teachings conveniently leave out an important point: doing bad things causes painful consequences (results) for both the sinner and others affected by the sin. It can drain people’s souls of happiness (Is 32:6) and leave only a sad feeling of utter emptiness instead.
Some Christians say we have a "God-shaped vacuum." If you try to fill that hole with empty words and actions that cause pain, that space will still be empty. Instead, people need to be filled with "the fullness of him who fills everything in every way."
Help these hungry souls! Fill up their empty spiritual gas tanks with the ultimate in high-octane "fuel"--tell them about God’s love (Mat 11:28, Jer 31:25, John 3:16-17). Change their oil for them and give them some of your "oil of joy" (Ps 45:7). Fill up their radiator with "living water" (John 7:38).
You won’t always see the results, but don’t be afraid to share your faith anyway. In other words, you may have no idea how much more "mileage" you have given them, but the Lord’s word "will not return to Him empty without accomplishing its purpose."]
Eph 1:22-23
Is 55:10-11

C24. Gate Guard [draw in camouflaged uniform; right hand up, palm firmly forward in signal to stop; left hand on hips; legs spread]
Prov 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."
[ The Bible tells us to guard our hearts. The original meanings of the words in this verse are related to protecting and preserving both your heart (or your feelings) and your mind. We should remember that not everything we want is good for us. To protect our hearts, we should make important decisions carefully, wait for the proper time to do the things we want to do (Eccl 3:1) and generally try to avoid anything that can hurt our hearts or anybody else’s heart.
For instance, we should avoid doing, thinking about or looking at bad things (Heb 12:1, James 1:21). We should only make friends with and date good people, not bad ones (1 Cor 15:33). We should not be "unequally yoked" with unbelievers (2 Cor 6:14-15). God gives us rules for our own good--to help protect our hearts, our minds and our bodies (Deu 10:13, Is 48:17-18). He does that because He knows that sin hurts us and He wants to help us be happy (Prov 29:18) in spite of some of the tough things that happen on earth.
What can we do to preserve and strengthen our hearts? We should try to be obedient and stay out of trouble. We should study the Bible (Ps 119:11, Prov 3:1-2) and go to church. We should think good things (Phlp 4:8), do good things and spend time with good believing friends. Finally we should pray and try to determine what God’s will is for our lives--He always has our best interests in mind. Guard your heart!]
Mat 5:8
1 Cor 7:35

C25. General [show 2-star general in green dress uniform giving award certificate to girl and boy in same type uniforms]
Rom 13:3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you.
[ Some folks are afraid of people in charge of things. Whether the person in charge is a principal, a policeman, a general or whatever, it’s nice to know that there is an easy answer to deal with that fear. Just do what is right! If you do what’s right, it will help keep you happy and out of trouble.
Good rules are reasonable, are made to help keep people safe and are made to keep things running in smooth order (Deu 30:11). Good leaders don’t enjoy yelling at or punishing people. They would much prefer people simply do the right thing in the first place! However, they know that in order for things to run smoothly, they must punish people who misbehave.
On the other hand, good leaders also pay attention when people do their jobs well. For example, a general may compliment or reward the crew for their work when they deserve it (Prov 3:27). This also encourages the crew to continue doing their jobs well.
So, don’t want to worry about getting in trouble? Keep doing what is right!]
Prov 13:13
Titus 3:1-2
Prov 29:18

C26. High-Wire Artist
Prov 4:25 "Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you."
[ Sometimes walking through life feels like walking on a tightrope--one false move and you’re in trouble! Sooner or later everybody has to deal with situations like that. Often just being familiar with the Bible is a huge help, as it has so much good advice about what to do in tough situations.
However, sometimes the temptation to sin is very strong. That is especially true if you can actually see whatever it is around you that you can’t have or can’t do. In cases like that, it is best to focus your eyes straight ahead toward God. Don’t turn aside and even just look at the tempting things that the Lord says are bad for us! The temptations in the world around us can make our feet slip, knock us to the ground and hurt us a great deal. Focus on where God wants you to go. Fill your mind with the word. Avoid temptation. Keep your eyes on Jesus and stay in balance!]
Heb 12:2
Ps 73:2
Josh 1:7

C27. Homemaker [in apron, cooking in kitchen, with babydoll in highchair]
Prov 31:27 She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.
[ Typical homemakers work very hard at their jobs--but for love, not for money. For instance, homemakers spend a great deal of time taking care of the family, cleaning house, preparing meals, washing dishes, doing laundry, grocery shopping and taking care of things while dad is at work.
Taking good care of children includes feeding, bathing, clothing, hugging, kissing and protecting them. It includes teaching them about the Lord, the salvation message and lots of the many helpful Bible rules for living. It includes talking with them, playing with them, reading to them, helping with their homework, being a good example, taking care of them when they are sick. It includes teaching children to be responsible (like doing their chores). It includes teaching them life skills to help them survive when they grow up (like how to cook, clean, sew, wash clothes, balance a checkbook, etc.). It also includes disciplining children when they misbehave, and saying "no" to something a child wants that the parent knows is not good for them. (Children usually aren’t too happy with those last two situations at the time, but often when they grow up they are grateful their parents did what they did!)
Even President Abraham Lincoln pointed out the value of good mothers. He said, "No man is poor who has had a godly mother."1 Good mothers love their children immensely, and consider them precious gifts from God (James 1:17). By the way, did you know that children are very important to the Lord? He smiles down on mothers who take good care of their children!
Want to make your mom’s day? Give her a big hug and tell her how much you love and appreciate her! Better yet, use several pretty colors of construction paper and make her a little appreciation card. Write something nice inside the card and make sure you date it--some moms like to keep special memory treasures like that!]
Prov 31:28-29
Prov 31:10
Prov 31:17

1 William J. Federer, America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations (Coppell, TX: FAME Publishing, Inc., 1996) 392.

C28. House Painter [white overalls and hat; ladder, Friday the 13th showing on calendar, black cat, broken mirror, rabbit’s foot, spilled salt shaker]
1 Tim 4:7 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.
[ Our little house painter is showing that we don’t need to worry about superstitions. Superstitions are silly beliefs about certain things like broken mirrors, black cats, spilled salt and walking under ladders bringing bad luck. We also don’t want to rely on silly things like rabbit’s feet for "luck."
The Lord tells us to have nothing to do with such things. Many of these beliefs are based on silly traditions. Some are based on a belief in magic or charms--more things the Lord tells us to have nothing to do with. Instead, recognize that when we are walking in godly obedience to the Lord, He helps protect us from harm. So don’t pay attention to empty superstitions. Rely on the Lord for help, guidance and protection.]
Prov 14:15
2 Thes 3:3
1 John 5:18

C29. Inventor [boy scientist in lab coat standing next to strange contraption; chalkboard with equations in background]
2 Pet 1:16 We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.
[ An inventor makes something new, such as a new kind of machine, tool or even a robot. However, another meaning of the word invent is "to lie." The Apostle Peter is telling us in 2 Peter 1:16 that they weren’t following anybody’s lies. He, James and John were eyewitnesses of the majesty of Jesus. They actually saw Jesus transformed on the mountain when the Lord’s face shone like the sun and His clothes were white as the light. Our heavenly Father spoke to them from a bright cloud and said to them, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!" (Mat 17:5).
And listen they did. Jesus taught the apostles in person. They traveled with Him and saw Him perform many miracles like healing the sick, the blind, the deaf and the lame (Mat 11:5, John 10:38), multiplying food (Luke 9, John 6) and even raising the dead (John 11, Mark 5).
After Jesus was resurrected, He appeared to over 500 people (1 Cor 15:6). There were plenty of eyewitnesses to testify that our Savior had been raised from the dead (1 John 4:14). In fact, many eyewitnesses to Jesus’ life and ministry died martyr’s deaths rather than deny the Lord. Nobody is willing to die for a lie that someone invented! They knew the truth and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, His disciples wrote the truth in what became part of the Bible (2 Cor 4:2).]
John 20:30-31
1 Cor 15:6
2 Tim 3:16-17 (KJV) All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

C30. Judge [old-fashioned judge in white wig at bench, Holy Bible handy, American flag showing, 10 Commandments plaque on wall behind judge]
Mat 7:1-2 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged" . . .
[ There is a time and a place for judging. A good judge in a courtroom upholds the law and helps a trial go smoothly. He or she ensures the lawyers have a chance to properly represent their clients. Good judges also take their jobs seriously, as if judging in place of the Lord--and they use the Bible to help them make good decisions (2 Chr 19:6). However, when they leave the courtroom, good judges lay aside their robes, knowing that their judging job is done for the day.
We can learn from that example. We should not go around openly judging others. Of course, we must make silent judgments about others. This helps us decide things like whether it is safe to be around someone, do business with them, etc. For this purpose, it is useful to watch what a person does (the Bible calls it what kind of fruit they produce), rather than judge by mere appearances (Luke 6:44-45, John 7:24). However, we should not "judge" people out loud.
In other words, we shouldn’t make fun of others, say bad things about them or tell them there is something wrong with them.* If we did, it would hurt their feelings, right? Not only that, then what would they do? They would probably try to find something bad to say about us! That’s because if we are mean to other people, it will just make them want to be mean right back to us. If you judge people, people will judge you. So don’t judge others out loud. If you can’t think of anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all!
[*Note: Unless it’s to try to help them keep from doing something sinful.--2 Tim 2:24-26.]]
Luke 6:37

C31. Laborers [4 different types workers]
Eccl 5:12 The sleep of a laborer is sweet . . .
[ Hard work helps keep you active, healthy and in good shape. Did you know that hard work, like exercise, also helps you sleep well? Another thing that helps you sleep well is a clear conscience (feeling good about what you do or have done). People can have a clear conscience about the money they make when they do an honest job (Acts 24:16, Heb 13:18). It also helps us feel good about ourselves when we carry our own weight by earning our own money to provide for ourselves and our families (Gal 6:5).
It is often said "any job worth doing is worth doing well." Likewise, when we do a job, we should do it well, as if we are working for the Lord (Col 3:23-24). People who live a good Christian life, who have integrity and who work hard, can earn the respect of others as well as develop a healthy amount of self-respect. Such people are a good example of how Christians should live.
Finally, being a good Christian example can also help one become a "labourer together with God" by helping encourage others to become Christians, too (1 Cor 3:9)!]
Ps 128:1-2
Prov 14:23
1 Thes 4:11-12

C32. Librarian [girl librarian stacking books on a costumed strong man’s hands or onto a sort of flat barbell that he is holding, put him in glasses]
Prov 24:5 A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength.
[ Libraries have great stores of knowledge just waiting to be discovered. They have books, movies, recorded songs and numerous other materials available for check out on thousands of different subjects. You can find out about great people, history, inventions and America’s Christian heritage. In some libraries you can read about the Lord, creation science, the Holy Land and apologetics (subjects that defend the logic of the Christian faith). Reference books and school aids can help students do well in school. How-to books can show you how to learn many different skills, hobbies and fun pastimes, such as crafts, painting, sewing and woodworking. Abridged (shortened) children’s classics can help you enjoy wonderful, wholesome stories people have enjoyed for decades such as: The Pilgrim’s Progress, Robinson Crusoe, Pollyanna and Ivanhoe. You may want to study animals, plants, geography, oceans and outer space. There are thousands of wonderful storybooks and beautifully illustrated picture books just waiting to be discovered--you may even find a few favorite storybooks that your parents fondly remember reading when they were your age! You can read children’s magazines, special-interest magazines or magazines and newspapers that tell all about current events. Some libraries even have book exchanges where you can trade in your old books for different ones you can keep.
There is almost no end to what you can find. The librarians can help you search for the items you want like searching for "hidden treasure." If your local librarians are Christians, you are especially blessed! They can help you make the best choices yet! Enjoy yourself by taking advantage of some of the wonderful resources available at libraries--and increase your mental strength in the process!]
Prov 10:14
Prov 2:4
Col 2:2-3

C33. Lifeguard [old-fashioned red/white striped lifeguard suit, holding life preserver, put next to girl in long Victorian-style bathing costume]
Eccl 7:12 Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor.
[ Lifeguards often use life preservers to help them rescue drowning people. Life preservers help the victims float on the surface where they can breathe, instead of sinking into the water and drowning. Similarly, wisdom (especially biblical wisdom) helps keep us afloat.
On the other hand, foolish people despise wisdom (Prov 1:7, 2 Tim 4:3-4). Their attitude often seems to be that they already know everything, so why should they listen to God? Rejecting the Lord and the wisdom in the Bible is like sinking in rough waters, foolishly refusing to accept a life preserver (Prov 1:32-33).
Bible wisdom helps keep us from sinking into the drowning influence of sin and all the related negative results. It helps us recognize and avoid some of the many dangers in life. It also helps us to make the best choices for living a happier, more productive and more fulfilling life. Finally, Bible wisdom helps us choose salvation through Jesus--the one and only lifeguard capable of rescuing us and taking us safely to eternal life in heaven!
To help preserve your own life, accept Jesus as your Savior. Then make every effort to get a good education and to study the Bible. To help preserve the lives of others, be a spiritual lifeguard. Bring the victims of Satan’s stormy waters the best life preserver ever--the Bible!]
Prov 4:6
Prov 19:8
Prov 28:26

C34. Mechanic
Amos 9:11 . . . "I will repair its broken places, restore . . . and build it as it used to be."
[ Becoming a good mechanic takes a lot of special training. Good mechanics help keep our engines running smoothly in cars, trucks, boats and planes. They fix or replace worn or broken parts. They check oil, fluid and air levels. They perform maintenance checks. They must work carefully, otherwise many of their customers would have more mechanical breakdowns and even accidents. Good mechanics know that when a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well--especially when lives are at stake! Lastly, good mechanics are dependable, sticking with the task until it is done.
If you want to be a mechanic when you grow up, your customers will want you to restore their vehicles to good, reliable working order. They will want you to work quickly, but diligently (carefully). Of course, you won’t want to work so hastily that you do sloppy work! Customers will want you to charge a fair, honest price for your work. If you do an all-around good job, you will have happy customers. Happy customers will not only come back, they will tell others how good you are. Unhappy customers don’t come back and will probably tell others to avoid you, too. Working diligently, dependably and honestly will help earn you a good reputation. A good reputation not only helps you be a financial success, it also helps you be happy and satisfied in your job (Prov 22:1)!]
[Note: Do your folks know how to work on cars? You might ask them to show you how to do basic car maintenance while you are young. You’ll have fun learning and those skills can really come in handy when you start to drive!]
2 Chr 24:13
2 Cor 8:11
Prov 21:5

C35. Minister [too-big jacket, shirt, tie, and shoes, regular pants, Bible, makeshift podium, U.S. Flag, church flag, pretend microphone, put plain cross in background]
2 Cor 11:6 I may not be a trained speaker, but I do have knowledge . . .
[ Our little minister pictured here helps remind us that even children can teach their friends about God. But how about later on, too? Would you like to be a minister when you grow up? Good ministers have integrity. They are dedicated servants of God that teach us from the Bible without distorting any of its truths. They encourage us and instruct us on godly matters, such as how to live a life pleasing to Jesus. They help us to notice and be thankful for the Lord’s many blessings and to praise Him for His goodness. They tell us how to live life with the most amount of joy. They teach us about how to try to avoid danger, sin and regret. They encourage us and help us learn how to bounce back from disappointment and failure. They help us deal with the loss of loved ones in this world and help us to focus on the reunion of believers in heaven. And…….most importantly…….they teach us how to accept Jesus as our Savior, obtain forgiveness for our sins by confessing them and arrange our passage to heaven!
Good ministers demonstrate a Christ-like humility and servant attitude while living a godly life. These things are an important part of a believer’s journey through life. If your heart is set on being a minister, you desire a "noble task" (1 Tim 3:1). May the Lord "count you worthy of His calling" (2 Thes 1:11)!]
1 Cor 2:1
2 Tim 4:2
Ps 8:2

C36. Movers
Acts 17:28 "‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’"
[ In our world today we tend to move a lot! Sometimes we have so much stuff or are going so far away that we even have to pay a moving company to move our things.
Moving typically means changing neighborhoods, schools, churches, teams, youth groups, favorite recreational spots and especially friends. Yikes! But take heart. Think about it this way. You don’t have to be lonely in your new home. God has plenty of offspring (children). So in a way, Christians sort of have built-in family and friends wherever they go! Find a good church and youth group as soon as you move. Christians often discover they have so much in common with others who clearly love the Lord, that they become fast friends (1 John 5:3).
Yes, you will miss your old friends, but you can still keep in touch. And always remember this: if you and your old friends are true Christians, you won’t ever have to say goodbye for the last time--we will all meet again in heaven! And guess what else? Many believe our favorite pets and possessions will be waiting for us in heaven, too (Ps 84:11)!
Imagine our final move to heaven: meeting up with family/friends/pets, a free move, no long drive ("Are we there yet?"), no heavy boxes, no cleaning, no mess, nothing broken and no lost teddy bears. Wow! Too cool!]
Ps 119:63
Heb 10:25
Prov 18:24 (KJV) A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

C37. Newsboy [old-fashioned street-corner newsboy in cap and knickerbockers with papers with headline "Jesus Saves!"]
Mark 16:15 He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."
[ Practically anyone who believes in Jesus can tell someone the "good news." The good news--which is often referred to as "the gospel"--is this: Jesus died for our sins so that people who confess their sins, repent and accept Jesus as Lord, can have forgiveness for those sins, be saved and gain eternal life in heaven through Him (1 Cor 15:2).
You see, everyone has sinned, and the price for sin is death (Rom 3:22-24, Rom 6:23). Sin also makes us impure (unclean). Nothing impure can enter into heaven and God’s presence without first being purified (cleansed) (Rev 21:27).
By suffering and dying on the cross, Jesus did several things for all those who choose to believe in Him: He forgave us for our sins, redeemed us (took our punishment and paid the price for our sins), purified us, conquered death for us and gave us the free gift of eternal life in the Lord’s heavenly kingdom!
When we spread the good news of the gospel, we are helping fulfill what is called "The Great Commission." You see, Jesus commissioned us (appointed us) to make disciples of (Christians; believers and followers of Jesus) in all the nations, to baptize them and to teach them (Mat 28:19-20).
So, be a commissioned newsboy or newsgirl for the Lord--spread the good news!]
Mark 1:15-16
John 3:16-17

C38. Operator [old-fashioned, long skirt, hair up, ear-muff type headphones, peg board wire contraption; see America book]
Is 65:24 Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.
[ Prayer is like our toll-free hotline to God. Sometimes God answers prayer with a "yes." Sometimes He says "no." Sometimes He says "not yet," so it takes a while. And sometimes He is silent--boy, does that one require patience! But our little operator is here to help us learn about those wonderful times when the Lord not only says "yes," but says it VERY quickly!
The Isaiah verse above refers to the future millennial kingdom when quick answer to prayer will be common. But even now, sometimes what we need shows up immediately after we pray! People who don’t know how God works, often think times like these are just coincidences (things that would have happened anyway). However, many Christians know that these answers to prayer are quiet little miracles from God. In fact, some Christians call them divine coincidences (timely blessings God gives us on purpose).
You see, the Bible tells us that our heavenly "Father knows what you need before you ask him" (Mat. 6:8). It also says even "before a word is on [our] tongue," He knows what we are going to say (Ps 139:4). So if we are going to ask for something that is within His will to give us, He often arranges ahead of time for it to show up just when we ask for it.
There are many other ways God answers prayer. Sometimes He instantly fixes a problem. Sometimes, if it’s strength or guidance you need, He will immediately show you a Bible verse or tell you what to do in His "still small voice"* (that voice often seems like a strong thought--1 Ki 19:12). Occasionally, He even sends an angel in human form who helps us, then quickly disappears.
Whether your answer comes quickly or slowly, pay attention to these many blessings from God. You might even want to keep a prayer journal that lists the date you prayed for something, describes how God answered it and when. Prayer journals help us be thankful. They help us joyfully remember how involved God is in our lives!
[*Note: God will never, ever tell you to do something that is sinful or that disagrees with the Bible. Any message like that is not coming from God, so never follow ungodly guidance!]]
Ps 145:18
Ps 147:15
Dan 9:23

C39. Optometrist [with eye chart and poster on wall "The Bible: 20/20 living for a nearsighted world. Get your Rx today!"]
Ps 119:18 Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.
[ If a person doesn’t already have perfect, 20/20 vision, they can visit an optometrist (eye doctor). The optometrist can write a prescription for what type of lenses the patient needs to see clearly.
In a way, the law (the Bible) is like a lens prescription, too. We need it for seeing life clearly. Without the Bible, people tend to be rather nearsighted--they cannot clearly see where they are going, so they walk into a lot of unnecessary trouble. Without clear guidance, we can make a lot of bad decisions. We may not even realize how truly bad they are until the damage is already done! When that happens, grownups often say, "hindsight is 20/20." That means that when we think about something after it is over, we can usually see very clearly what we did wrong and what we should have done differently ("Oh, if I had only known!").
Well, God’s vision is a whole lot better than 20/20. He can see everything in the entire universe……past, present and future! And He knows everything there is to know about people. He is in the perfect position to give us the best prescription for successful living: the Bible. It tells how to live right, make wise choices and avoid unnecessary pain. It tells how to find peace, joy and satisfaction. It tells how to stay healthy, be strong and gain many blessings. It tells how to take care of our families, our friends, our jobs and even our animals. It tells how to turn from darkness and sin, to freedom and light (Acts 26:17-18). Most importantly, it tells us how to accept Jesus, have our sins forgiven and get the guarantee of heaven. You would be surprised how many answers to life’s questions you can find through the concordance (main word list) or subject index in a Bible!* Let the Bible give you 20/20 vision for living!]
[*Note: Want a very quick way to search for Bible verses? You can buy Bible software or handheld Bible search devices. You can also use one of the many online Bible search sites available, such as biblegateway.com.]
Prov 29:18 (KJV) Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
Eph 1:18-19
Ps 19:8

C40. Pearl Diver
Mat 13:45-46 "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it."
[ What does this verse mean? Heaven is worth far, far more than any earthly treasure you could ever think of! Think of your happiest times on earth and multiply the amount of joy you experienced from them by a hundred or maybe even a thousand! Heaven will be so wonderful that we cannot even imagine how wonderful it will be! But we can make some good guesses, some of them based on what the Bible tells us.
We will get to meet Jesus. We know we will see our believing loved ones. We will get to meet famous Christian people who went to heaven before us and make thousands of new friends. We will get to meet angels. Maybe we will have our favorite pets and toys back. We won’t ever worry or be lonely. We won’t ever get sick, cry or be in pain. We will all have perfect bodies. We will all be strong, smart, talented and good-looking. We will be able to eat and drink, but we won’t ever be thirsty or hungry. It will be beautiful there. There will be beautiful music there. There will always be exciting things to do there and we will never get bored.
So how do you reserve your place in heaven? By believing in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as your Savior and Lord. Grab that pearl of great value......today!]
Rev 21:21
1 Cor 2:9

C41. Private Investigator [Sherlock Holmes type]
1 Thes 5:21-22 [SEE FINISHED PAGE]
[ There will be many times when people will try to convince you that something you know is true isn’t true.....or that something bad really isn’t bad.....or that something good is actually bad. Things like that sound silly, but they happen all the time.
People who don’t know the Bible very well or who don’t love the Lord, very frequently try to "reshape" truth and make it more to their liking. If you ever get confused about a subject, do your own investigating--go to the Bible. The Bible is completely accurate in its original manuscripts. God’s word is packed with wisdom for how to live a healthier, happier, more successful life. It is a firm foundation against which to test everything we hear and see. The Bereans even tested what the Apostle Paul said (Acts 17:11)!
The Bible helps us figure out what things are good that we should cling to and what things are bad that we should avoid or repent from (Rom 12:9, Lam 3:40). God’s word never changes. It is never old-fashioned, regardless of what someone may try to tell you (John 1:1, Mal 3:6, Heb 13:8-9). Especially remember this. What hurt people centuries ago, still hurts people today--the rules God designed to protect us still apply.
The more closely you study the Bible, the more you will learn. The Bible not only offers us a wealth of survival tools, it is the one source of absolute truth about life. It tells us the answer to many mysteries, the one way to get to heaven and even what will happen in the future. So get out your magnifying glass and "search out wisdom"!]
Eccl 7:25
Is 5:20

C42. Quilter
Rom 8:28 (KJV) . . . all things work together for good to them that love God . . .
[ Have you ever noticed that a well-designed quilt can even contain a few ugly pieces of fabric and still be beautiful? Beautiful quilts take a great deal of time and skill to make.
God is kind of like the ultimate "quilter" of life. If we will let Him, He wants to use His unlimited energy, wisdom, foreknowledge (knowledge of the future) and skill to turn our life into something like a beautiful quilt--a beautiful work of art.
There will be times here on earth when sad things will happen, when someone hurts us, when we lose something important to us or we suffer a big disappointment. There will also be times when we do bad things that we wish we hadn’t done and are very sorry for. All these sorts of things can be very painful. However, if we are patient and pay attention, we may eventually see how God can still "work those things together" to accomplish some good. If we love and accept the Lord, confess our sins to Him and let Him work in our lives, He can use all our life experiences (happy and sad). He can put them all together like pieces of fabric and turn them into a beautiful "quilt."
You know what else? God can even use His dedicated followers as is. He can use the knowledge gained in their experiences--the beautiful pieces, plain pieces, ugly pieces and all--to help them serve Him and/or bring other people into the kingdom!]
[Note: Do you have any friends or relatives who can sew? You might ask them to teach you how. It is a great skill to learn that can come in very handy later in life for mending, making clothes, household decorations, gifts and more. And, yes, even boys should at least know how to sew on a button!]
Prov 16:4
Eph 1:11

C43. Racer [also put fish symbol, John 3:16-17, He is Risen! Come Quickly, Lord Jesus! on race car; try to figure out a way to show the black & white checkered race flag somewhere, too]
Acts 20:24 . . . I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace.
[ No matter what honorable thing you decide to do in life, for a job or a hobby, think about how you might be able to use it as a way to glorify God or to fellowship with other Christians who share similar interests.
Racers are a good example. You might wonder, "What could a racer possibly do to honor God?" Plenty! Many racers belong to Christian racing organizations, such as Motor Racing Outreach. Typical members of such clubs seek to help racers and race fans by spreading the gospel message of the Lord’s gift of salvation by grace through faith. They offer friendship and a strong shoulder for others to lean on in times of stress. They arrange for Christian fellowship gatherings, Bible studies, racetrack church services, even special Christian-themed races. They help each other to grow in godliness and leadership skills.
Christians have created countless fellowship organizations for believers young and old involved in various types of jobs, services, hobbies and interests. Ask your folks to help you research Christian clubs. Happy hunting!]
1 John 1:7
Eph 2:8-9

C44. Real Estate Agent [holding keys, wearing gold jacket standing next to sign: Open House possibly with "For All Who Qualify" or "Simple Qualification Procedure"; in front of fancy Southern mansion with large, round columns; show welcome mat on porch or welcome sign on door, or have standing by gate wth Open House sign with mansion in background]
John 14:2 (KJV) "In my Father's house are many mansions . . . I go to prepare a place for you."
[ Real estate agents help us buy or sell our houses on earth. The agents often open lockboxes containing the keys to the doors of the houses they show. But if a real estate agent is a Christian, they can help open a special "door." They can give someone the "key" to a beautiful heavenly mansion just by telling them about Jesus! How is that possible? Because, as Jesus said, He is the door that we must enter to be saved! Accepting Jesus as your Savior and Lord is the only way to get your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, qualify you to go to heaven and reserve your mansion, too (Rev 21:27)! You don’t have to spend weeks looking for the perfect house or sign any papers or take out a huge loan to pay for it. It’s free! Jesus paid the price for it!
Jesus is already preparing perfect mansions for all His children to live in when we get to heaven. We will receive a rich welcome into God’s eternal kingdom (2 Peter 1:11). Heaven is a beautiful place with golden streets, jeweled foundations and pearls for gates. There are beautiful lights and colors, lovely music and sweet smells. There will be no sadness, impurities or bad memories (Is 65:16). Our believing friends and relatives will go there and there will be lots of angels, too. Many believe our favorite pets will be there, too. We will all have strong, healthy, perfect, youthful bodies like Jesus (Phlp 3:20-21). The tree of life is there and a wonderful river called "the river of the water of life." Everything is unimaginably magnificent in heaven (1 Cor 2:9)! What do you hope your mansion will look like?]
Mat 16:19
John 10:9 (KJV) I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.
John 14:3 (KJV) "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

C45. Rescuers [policeman, fireman, soldier, EMT, lifeguard]
Rom 10:9 That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
[ Police officers, firefighters, military personnel, medical people, lifeguards and people in many other jobs, too, often rescue people in danger. When you grow up, do you want a job that allows you to rescue people? If you do, maybe someday God will even use you to save a fellow Christian who is praying for and needs help. You could be an answer to someone’s prayer!
In the meantime--surprise!--you can already rescue people! Want to know how? You can lead them to the Lord! And here’s an easy way to remember a Bible verse to help you do it. Try this: police, firefighters and other emergency workers often use what are called "10 codes." Although some agencies use different codes, 10-9 typically means "repeat your last transmission" or "repeat the message." Jesus told us to spread the good news, so if you recite Romans 10:9 (notice the "10-9") you are "repeating the message" of the good news of salvation.
How is that "rescuing" someone? Think about it. If you lead someone to Christ, they then have the gift of salvation and heaven. That means you are helping to save them from hell, so you are literally "snatching them from the fire." Rescuing doesn’t get any better than that!]
Jude 1:22-23
Mark 16:15

C46. Restaurant Folks [fancy Mexican garb waiter, chef, upscale dinner-jacketed waiter, 50’s roller-skate carhop waitress]
1 Pet 4:10 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others . . .
[ Waiters and waitresses at restaurants take the orders from the people and give them to the chef. The chef fixes what the people order, gives the orders to the waiters and the waiters serve them to the people. Most restaurants have quite a variety of things available that the waiters can serve.
Similarly, there are quite a variety of ways available that youths can serve others. You can offer to do good deeds for others*, such as run errands for people, help them clean, help them with their chores, help them study for a test and so on. If you want to serve others when you grow up, there are all kinds of paying jobs that would give you a chance to do that. God gives each of us special talents (see the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25) and helps prepare us to do good works (Eph 2:10, Phlp 2:13). Rely on God for strength, guidance, confidence and help to fulfill whatever good plans He has for you (Jer 29:11, Phlp 1:6)!
[*Note: If you are helping adults, only help people your parents know and trust!]
1 Pet 4:11
Gen 18:5

C47. Sheriff [show old west sheriff in white hat with prisoner in black hat wrapped in ropes ("cords of sin"), covered wooden walkway with wanted poster on bldg]
Ps 106:3 Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right.
[ In the American old west the sheriff and his deputies were like the law enforcement officers we have today. They were heroes back then and they are heroes today. They pursue justice and righteousness, which God loves (Is 61:8, Prov 15:9). Often they put their own lives in peril when they are doing their job. It must be a very good feeling for them to know they are saving the lives of good people and protecting them from danger.
Those are the good guys. What about the bad guys? When criminals are caught breaking the law, they must be told what they were doing wrong and why they are being taken into custody. When people do bad things, they need to remember that they have brought their punishment on themselves. In a way, they have tied themselves up in the cords (ropes) of their own sins.
Do you want to be blessed (happy)? Then always obey the law. Just remember, ". . . blessed is he who keeps the law." (Prov 29:18)]
Job 36:8-9
Prov 5:22-23

C48. Tailor [tailor’s measuring tape around neck and shoulders; fabric and sewing machine on table in background]
Eph 2:10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
[ A good tailor knows how to create or adjust your clothes to make them fit perfectly. Before they do that, they have to know your measurements.
God is kind of like the ultimate tailor. He already knows all your measurements: (1) He lovingly created you with special talents and capabilities; (2) He knows what your strengths and weaknesses will be; and (3) He knows all your days before even one of them comes into being (Ps 139:16). In fact, He decided where He wanted you to be born and at what time in history (Acts 17:26). He works ahead of time to prepare all sorts of special jobs for you to do. They will be "just your size."
However, before you can do them, He must prepare you, too. That may be through your experiences in life, spiritual lessons, education, training and so on. Often, He even turns a person’s unhappy experiences into things that can help them accomplish good (Rom 8:28, Prov 16:4).
When the time is right, He will inspire you to do those things that are "according to his good purpose" (Phlp 2:13). The combination will be a perfect fit--one that will bring you more joy than any other job could. Sometimes the task that God designs for us is even so special that no one else either would or could do it. In effect, He "tailor-makes" opportunities for you and "tailor-makes" you for the opportunities. In this way, he gives you a chance to make a positive impact on the world, to help build up the body of believers, to make you feel good and even to increase your rewards in heaven. Ask the Lord to show you what good things He has ready and waiting for you to do!]
2 Cor 9:8
Heb 13:20-21

C49. Weather Girl [girl in raincoat/hat/boots with umbrella, microphone in hand with big channel 10 sign on the mike]
Luke 12:54 . . . "When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, ‘It’s going to rain,’ and it does."
[ Do you like to sing and play in the rain? There are over 400 verses in the Bible that mention rain, snow, wind, clouds, thunder, lightning and other weather conditions. One of the most well-known biblical references to weather is in Mark Chapter 4 where Jesus stilled the storm.
Did you know that the Lord even tells us a little bit about weather forecasting in the Bible? Maybe you will want to become a weather forecaster when you grow up. Along with your studies on meteorology and climatology, you may want to keep in mind what the Bible says about weather prediction, too!]
Luke 12:54-55
Mat 16:2-3
Prov 25:23

C50. Wilderness Guide [draw in survival gear, Bible clearly sticking out of backpack or clothes pocket; poorly covered pitfall, path has rattlesnake, scorpion, tarantula, centipede, open and jagged trap, mountain lion and whatever else can fit in: quicksand (labeled), cattle skull, Dead Man’s Creek (labeled), thorny/prickly bushes]
Ps 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me . . .
[ Being obedient to God helps keep us on the best path of life--in a sort of safety zone. That doesn’t mean life will be easy or painless. Life can get kind of frightening sometimes--but we need to remember that God is with us. Those times of feeling like one is in a wilderness can be difficult and stressful--but we need to remember we can do all things through Christ (Phlp 4:13).
There are also times when people purposely try to tempt us into going down dangerous, sinful paths. It’s like they want to lead us into a wilderness--and we need to take refuge (Prov 27:12). By the way, no matter how pleasant those tempters sound, they are hiding traps and venom every bit as deadly as the most dangerous desert creatures (Jer 9:8)!
Always stay prepared with the best survival tool you have--your Bible. Study it with all your heart. The Bible helps us recognize many, many kinds of pitfalls (hidden dangers), so grab hold of God’s wisdom! That way you can try to avoid a lot of those traps in the first place! Choose the most level, most firm, most godly path you can find--and don’t let your feet slip!]
Ps 138:7
John 17:15
Prov 4:26
Ps 17:4-5

C51. Window Washer [show angle of child and dim reflection in dark window glass; hat, coveralls, bucket, rag, squeegee; maybe change to Washers plural and have one with their face and hands to the glass trying to look in]
1 Cor 13:12 (KJV) For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
[ Do you sometimes have trouble trying to make sense of your life? Sometimes it can feel kind of like standing in front of a big, dark, reflective picture window--often, if we can see through that window at all, it’s not very clear. However, God sees the "big picture" and He sees it clearly. In other words, He knows every single thing that is going on now and what will happen in the future, too.
Sometimes we are disappointed because God won’t give us something we want, not realizing that God often wants to give us something better instead. Other times bad things happen in this world because Satan is always trying to hurt us somehow (John 10:10). These things can make the hard times in life difficult to understand. We are not always happy. Sometimes we are very sad or angry. Life sometimes seems unfair. We get confused and don’t know what to do.
Keep in mind that God has a good plan for His children (Jer 29:11). Although we still won’t always understand everything, trusting God can help us have a little better perspective (way of looking at things). Better perspective can help us through the bad times that Satan brings into our lives.
You see, God thinks a lot differently than we do. He is able to eventually work out all things--even bad things--for the good of those who love Him (Rom 8:28, Prov 16:4). Remember, God is on the other side of that murky window, He sees the big picture and He sees it clearly!]
Is 55:8-9
Prov 3:5-6

C52. Zookeeper
Prov 12:10 A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal . . .
[ Good zookeepers take care of the needs of all their animals. They feed and water them, give them shelter, clean up after them and doctor them up when they need it. A good zookeeper treats his animals well because he cares about them.
Do you have any pets? Lovable pets can enrich our lives so much! Like good zookeepers, responsible pet owners also take good care of their animals.
God cares about the animals, too. They are all His animals (Ps 50:10-11, Ps 24:1). Has a favorite pet of yours died? Many people believe that although animals don’t have souls, we can have our favorite pets in heaven.1 One of the many reasons for that belief is because the Bible says the Lord will withhold no good thing from the people who love Him. The Lord wants us to be happy and it is entirely within the power of our all-powerful God to reunite us with our favorite pets in heaven!]
Ps 104:27
Ps 84:11

1 Animals in Heaven? Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe (Troy, MI: Jack Van Impe Ministries International) DVD.
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