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[Note: Web author is familiar with some, but not all of the below websites and organizations. Web author is not responsible for their web content or practices. A few of the sites are secular sites, however, it is recommended that you research any organization before getting involved with them or making donations. Most Christian organizations have a statement of faith which will show whether they believe in the basic Christian tenets. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (see Money below) is a good source for researching whether an organization follows good principles of Christian stewardship. See also the Recommended Resources and Bibliography section for useful books and materials.]

-Wallbuilders, (Educates on "the godly foundation of our country" among other related goals. Offers historical documents and writings. Posts an extensive list of useful links/info in myriad categories, e.g.: American historical groups; Founding Fathers; pro-life and pro-family groups; youth ministries; educational groups; Christian legal resources; creation; representative/senator locator helps, voting and more.)

Apologetics (Defense of the Christian faith)
-Answers in Genesis, (Biblical answers to numerous creation, religion and issues questions.)

Children's Christian Sites
-Kid Explorers, (From Christian Answers Network. Answers to questions about life and faith [Example: Did Adam have a belly button?]. Games, activities, movie reviews.)
-Club House, (From Focus on the Family. Games, movie reviews, videos, activities.)
-Kids Answers, (The children's section of Answers in Genesis. Articles, activities, videos)
-Wonderzone, (Daily devotional, stories, games and activities.)
-Keys for Kids, (Daily devotional from CBH Ministries--formerly Children's Bible Hour.)

Children's Ministries
-American Missionary Fellowship, (Formerly American Sunday School Union which officially began in 1824. Reaching over 100,000 per year in America. Missionaries, chaplaincies, church-planting, Sunday schools, Bible camps, Vacation Bible Schools, correspondence courses.)
-Awana: (Church Bible programs preschool-high school. Leader training.)
-Child Evangelism Fellowship, (Over 70 years old, active in 160 countries, reaching 8.5 million children each year. Training and materials for those who desire to conduct Good News Clubs in schools afterhours and in neighborhood homes. Also conducts camps, 5-Day Clubs, Military Children's Ministry, and Mailbox Club.)
-Pioneer Club, (Church-sponsored midweek club programs for preschool-middle school. Christ-centered and Bible-based. Leader training.)
-Royal Rangers, (Since 1962. Mentoring ministry for boys K-12. Teaches character and servant leadership. Leader training.)

Christian Living: General Resources, Devotionals, Ministry Links, Etc., (Christian living resources.), (Multiple ministries links; blog; devotionals.)
-Internet Christian Library, Links to a wide variety of Christian reference materials (classic and contemporary); Christian organization directory; more.)

-Answers in Genesis, In addition to the biblical answers to numerous creation, religion and issues questions mentioned above, also offers links to myriad national parks, aquariums, zoos, large-scale rock-strata sites, creation museums and/or related opportunities for exploration and study around the world, see:
-7 Wonders Creation Museum near Mt. St. Helens, (Creation apologetics museum focusing on the geology of Mt. St. Helens.)
-Creation Museum, (Creation museum in Petersburg, KY.)
-Creation Research Society, (International professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who believe in scientific special creation.)
-Evidence for God from Science, (Numerous articles on numerous subjects of Christian and world interest.)
-Institute for Creation Research, (Seminars, conferences, graduate school, publications, museum.)
-Life and Light Foundation, (Creation museum in Santee, CA.)

-101 Top College, University, and Scholarship Web Pages, (Secular. Links: to scholarship aid searches; to colleges and universities; and information on the SAT, ACT and other tests.)
-Association of Christian Schools International, Search directory of member schools for Christian preschools through high schools, colleges and universities in America and around the world.
-Campus Crusade for Christ International, Estab. 1953. Founder/Pres. Dr. Bill Bright. Not-for-profit; interdenominational; evangelistic. In addition to student ministries, operates over 40 ministries in a wide variety of subject areas, including Athletes in Action, Jesus Film Project; Josh McDowell ministries, leadership, prisons, etc. Website has links to university chapters; website also has The Four Spiritual Laws (a popular booklet and witnessing tool explaining mankind’s relationship to God and how to obtain salvation by accepting Jesus) in over 100 different languages.
-Christian Educators Association International, ("A professional association for Christians in public and private schools.")
-Christian Leadership Ministries, (Builds university professors into spiritual leaders who can witness for Christ and present the biblical point of view on various topics, influencing tomorrow’s leaders today.)
-Citizens for Excellence in Education, (National organization of Christian parents, teachers, administrators and others concerned about public education and working toward restoring academic excellence and traditional moral values to schools and reinforce Christian values at home. Resources, books, newsletters, kits for churches, radio program, networking, etc.)
-Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, Narrows down from the some 900 church-related 4-year liberal arts/sciences colleges/universities available, to the 111 colleges that are truly committed to a Christ-centered life and high-quality academics integrated with biblical faith. Includes links.
-Crown Financial Ministries "Scholarships and Grants," (Informative article with advice to help one obtain a college education.)

-Concerned Women for America, (Helping to "bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy.")
-Focus on the Family, (Numerous marriage and family-oriented ministries.)

-Revelation Illustrated, (Art by Pat Marvenko Smith. Well-known prints depicting Revelation used by large national ministries. Sells worldwide. Print numbers 33-35 depict heaven. Great training aids. The beauty of Print 35 may help encourage those concerned about eternal life.)

-Fellowship of Merry Christians, (Newsletter, humor, cartoons, books, etc.)

Languages, (Type or paste words or paragraphs on this site and get instant translations into 30 different languages.)

-Association of Christian Librarians, (An organization for evangelical librarians.)

Martial Arts
-The U.S. Christian Martial Arts Assoc., (Provides a Christian environment in which to learn martial arts for self-defense and defense of families. Meetings begin and end in prayer. C.M.A.A. does not tolerate New Age symbolism, philosophies, or any type of Eastern Mysticism. Limited links to local schools.)

Medical and Dental
-Christian Medical & Dental Associations, (Multi-faceted missions and outreaches.)

-Cadence International, (Shares the gospel with the military community including singles, families and youths.)
-Christian Military Fellowship, (For active duty, reserve and retired officers and enlisted. Fellowship, evangelism, discipling, worldwide prayer network, referral services, Bible studies, Christian book service, retreats, conferences; more.)
-Military Chaplains Assoc. of the U.S.A., (For active duty, reserve and retired military chaplains. Research, workshops, conventions, speakers' bureau, awards, scholarships.)
-Officers' Christian Fellowship, (Bible studies, fellowship, evangelism, spirit-led prayer, semiannual leadership conferences, retreat centers.)

-Crown Financial Ministries, (Print resources, radio program, training individuals worldwide to teach sound financial principles).
-Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, (Member organizations agree to use principles of good stewardship. Online searches by ministry name or type. Financial data shown online. Helps site visitors find and research ministries before deciding which ministries to donate to.)

Movie Reviews
-The Child Care Action Project, (Reviews movies from a biblical perspective. Helps parents/other adults decide which movies to see/allow their children to see. Strict guidelines of assessment help provide objective results.)
-Plugged in Online, (Reviews movies from a biblical perspective. Helps parents/other adults decide which movies to see/allow their children to see. )

-EXODUS Network, (Relocation resource information in U.S. Search directory for: Christian schools (preschools through high schools, colleges and universities); churches; Christian radio and television stations; find a Christian real estate agent.)

Peace Officers
-Fellowship of Christian Police Officers, (Ministry uniting men and women in the criminal justice system, strengthening their faith and preparing for more effective witness.)
-Peace Officers for Christ Int., (Mission "is to bring police officers and their families to a saving knowledge of and close personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.")

-Care Net, (Multifaceted assistance aimed at helping women and teens to keep their babies.)

Prophecy and News
-Christian Broadcasting Network, (News, international ministries, entertainment, evangelism.), (National and international news.)
-The Hal Lindsey Report, (Well-known prophecy expert, author and minister. News of prophetic significance, commentaries, view his weekly television show online and mid-week presentations.)
-Rapture Ready, (News of prophetic significance. Christian commentaries. Rapture explanation. FAQ's on God, salvation, eternal life, religion, angels, marriage and more. Bulletin board also offered.)
-World Net Daily, (News from a Christian perspective.)

Books, etc.:, (Books, movies, music, clothes, gifts, educational resources, etc. Many items offered at significant discounts.)
-Betty Lukens Quality Felt Visuals, (Beautiful, full-color felt kits: complete Bible training kits, general educational, dolls, etc. Figures, backgrounds, overlays, manuals and display boards.
-Nest Family, (36 high-quality award-winning animated videos: Old Testament, New Testament, founding fathers, inventors, heroes, history.)
-Jeremiah Films, Inc., (Offers a wide variety of reasonably priced religious videos. Church discounts available.)

-LifeWay, (True Love Waits campaign using biblical principles to promote moral purity/abstinence until marriage.)

-Motor Racing Outreach, (Ministry to the racing community)

-Rapture Ready, (News of prophetic significance. Christian commentaries. Rapture explanation. FAQ's on God, salvation, eternal life, religion, angels, marriage and more. Bulletin board also offered.)

[Note: There are numerous Christian sports fellowships and ministries. You may want to do a web search for the type of sport you are involved with to see if a Christian group exists in your field of interest.]
-Athletes in Action, (Works with college and professional athletes, coaches, sports influencers. Trains them to speak to one-to-one, to media and in public forums to help fulfill the Great Commission through the influence of sports. A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.)
-Fellowship of Christian Athletes, (Nondenominational evangelistic group of professional and student athletes, clergy and laypersons seeking to spread the Word to athletes, coaches, sports fans, etc. Sponsors rallies, retreats, summer sports camps, coaches meetings, athletic clinics, school assemblies. Offers literature, magazine, video and audiocassettes, and other materials. Over 7,000 local groups. )

-Christian Coalition of America, (Voting and political information. They gather information on where both incumbents and candidates stand on the issues so you can make informed choices at the voting booth. Download a free, non-partisan voters guide.)
-Wallbuilders, (For several types of voting resources.)
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