Index by Subject
Absolute Truth-Gas Station Attendant, Gutenberg, Mr. Itchy Ears, Moses, Pandas, Philosophers, Private Investigator, Rock Star, Rub-a-Dub (see also Bible)
Abstinence-Gate Guard, Pigs (see also Purity)
Abundant Life-Baker, Circus Performers, Corrections Officer, Flagman, Forever n’ Ever Friends, Jesus, Man Boy & Donkey (see also Blessings)
Abuse-(see Substance Abuse, Violence)
Acceptance-Goody Two-Shoes, Neighbors, Ugly Duckling, Zacchaeus (see also Friends)
Accepting Jesus as Savior-Athletes, Cat of 9 Lives, Devil, Doctor, Easter, Fence-Sitter, Ice Cream Parlor Man, Jesus, Late Rabbit, Lifeguard, Monkey’s Nephew, Nativity, Snow White, The Very End?, Voyager (see also Evangelism, Forgiveness from God, Only One Way to Heaven, Salvation Prayer)
Accountability-Accountant, Prisoner
Addiction-Quack, Gambling, Dr. Jekyll
Adoption-Orphan Train Adoptees
Agnosticism-(see Nonbelievers)
Alcohol-(see Substance Abuse)
Aliens-Alien, Spirit Guides
Angels-Angels, Boogeyman, Daniel, Devil, Easter, Elizabeth, Fisherman, Forever n' Ever Friends, Gabriel, Gideon, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (Foster), Lot, Mary, Michael, Nativity, Operator, Ordinary People?, Pearl Diver, Real Estate Agent, Sandman, Spirit Guides, Very Important Persons
Anger-Chatterbox, Fencer, Gingham Dog, Hansel & Gretel, Jacob, Joseph (Coat), Oriental Girl, Punch, Quick-to-Quarreler, Shadrach, Sewer Rat, Stephen, Tempest, Window Washer
Animals-Forever n' Ever Friends, Pearl Diver, Peleg, Sleeping Beauty, Zookeeper
Animals, How Got to Remote Places- Noah and the Ark, Peleg
Antichrist-Doorman, Hippies, Sleeping Beauty, Tattooed Man (see also End Times)
Ape-men-Cave Dwellers, Monkey's Nephew
Appearance-Beauty Queen, Book, Movie Star, Nostalgia Girl, Rapunzel, Samuel, Ugly Duckling
Appreciation-Homemaker, Ingrate, Joseph (Foster), Queen Bee (see also Compliments)
Archaeology-Archaeologist, Cave Dwellers, Joseph (Coat), Joshua, King David, Peleg, Young Earth
Arguing-Oriental Girl (see Anger)
Ark of the Covenant-Aaron, Joshua
Armageddon-Doorman, Sleeping Beauty (see also End Times)
Armor of the Lord-Knight
Arrogance-Donkey, Milkmaid, Sheriff, Bad Guys, Puppeteers
Astrology-Copernicus, Witch
Atheism-(see Nonbelievers)
Attitude-Twinkle Twinkle Star
Authorities-Early Bird Boy, General
Avoiding Evil-Director, Drivers, Flagman, Gang, Gate Guard, Ghouls, Nobleman, No-Evil Monkeys, Minister, Private I., Queen of Hearts, Romeo, Shot Putter, Quarterback, G. Washington, Wilderness Guide (see also Anger, Influence (Bad), Stranger Danger, Temptation)

Babies-Gift, Hippocrates, Knitter, Pharaoh's Daughter, Solomon, Tailor, Very Important Persons (see also Voting)
Be Still-Thinker
Beauty-(see Appearance)
Behaving Properly-Oriental Girl, Victorians (see also Reputation)
Believers-(see Accepting Jesus, Salvation)
Belonging-Goody Two-Shoes, Ugly Duckling (see also Friends)
Bible-Baker, Computer Kid, Gutenberg, Inventor, Luke, Morse, Optometrist, Paul, Peter, Snowmen, Yukon Miner, Zigzagzoopman (see also Prophecy, Rules, Wisdom; more)
Bible Garden-Gardener
Bible Search-Optometrist, Three Blind Mice
Big Picture-Tailor, Window Washer
Blaming God-Pigs, Prisoner
Blasphemy-Chatterbox, Sewer Rat
Blessings-Ballerina, Couch Potato, Deep-Sea Diver, Fence-sitter, The Irish, The Jewish People, Late Rabbit, Man Boy & Donkey, Operator, Optometrist, Orchestra Conductor, Twinkle Star, Voyager
Blessings, Count Your-Child Laborers, Green-Eyed Monster, Happy Camper Kids, Inuit, Pollyanna, Thanksgiving
Bodies in Heaven-Executioner, Invisible Boy, Real Estate Agent, Sleeping Beauty
Book of Life-Ice Cream Parlor Man, Real Estate Agent (see also Heaven)
Boredom-Couch Potato
Born Again-Jesus Christ, Military Personnel (see also Salvation)
Brotherly Love-(see Siblings)
Building-Archaeologist, Architect, Carpenter, Road Construction Crew, B. Washington
Building Up Others-Cheerleader
Bullies-Bully, Puppeteers, Punch

Channeling-Philosophers, Witch
Character Traits-Queen Bee (see also Godliness)
Cheating-Gambler, Hippocrits, Nobleman, Puppeteers, Zacchaeus
Children-Gift, Ordinary People?, Upperclassman, Very Important Persons, Yachtsman (see also Babies, Youths; more)
Choices-(see Decisions)
Christian Daily Walk-Computer Kid, Oakley, Moses (see also Avoiding Evil, Bible, Hypocrisy, Mental Health, Obedience, Paths, Requirements of God)
Christian, What is a-Baker, Churchgoers, Easter, Fence-Sitter, Heirs of Heaven, Ice Cream Parlor Man, Jesus, John, Newsboy (see also Accepting Jesus, Forgiveness, Heaven, Hypocrisy, Repentance, Nonbelievers)
Christmas-Joseph (Foster), Mary, Nativity, Wise Men
Church-Baker, Churchgoers, John, Minister, Mr. Itchy Ears, G. Washington, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (see also False Prophets, False Religions)
Co-Signing-Loan Shark
Coincidence-Deep-Sea Diver, Operator
Come As You Are-Doctor, Zacchaeus
Comfort-Cheerleader, Happy Camper Kids, Inuit
Commandments-Churchgoers, Goldilocks, Joshua, Moses, Neighbors, Nobleman, Parents,
Pinocchio, Thief, Trumpeter, Webster, Zeus
Communication-Bully, Chatterbox, Cheerleader, Elisha, Emperor's New, Fencer, Gingham Dog, Giraffe, The Irish, Joker, Mime, Oriental Girl, Queen Bee, Quick-to- Quarreler, Southerners (see also Gossip, Swearing)
Communion-Astronauts, Baker, Churchgoers
Compassion-Cheerleader, Shrinking Violet (see also Poverty, Humanitarians)
Complaining-Twinkle Twinkle Star
Compliments-Cheerleader, General, Queen Bee
Conceit-Peacock, Swiss Cheese
Confession-Diplomat, Janitor, John, Lamb, Leap Frogs, Magellan, Newsboy, Prodigal Son, Quilter, Rembrandt, Shot Putter, Time Machine, X-Outer, Zacchaeus (see also Forgiveness From God, Repentance)
Conscience-Corrections Officers, Laborers, Rich Man Poor Man
Consequences-Angels, Bear, Bully, Corrections Officers, Gas Station Atdn., Lifeguard, Prisoner, Shadow, Shot Putter, Time Machine, Wilderness Guide, X-Outer (see also Regret)
Contentment-Inuit (see also Peace)
Cooperation-Twinkle Twinkle Star
Correction-Corrections Officers
Courage-Joker, Miss Muffet, Puppeteers, Robinson Crusoe, St. Joan of Arc, Stephen, Tubman
Creation-Adam & Eve, Alien, Cave Dwellers, Giraffe, Job, Methuselah, Monkey's Nephew, Mother Nature, Pasteur, Peleg, Philosophers, Young Earth (see also Dinosaurs, Noah)
Credit/Big Spending-Milkmaid & Pail, Money Tree, Loan Shark
Crime-Bad Guys, Bear, Gang Members, Quack, Rich Man Poor Man, Thief
Crisis of Conversion-Bear
Criticism-Drivers, Hippocrits, The Irish, Fencer, Man Boy & Donkey
Cruelty- Bully, Dr. Jekyll, Fencer, Loan Shark, Money Tree, Punch, Three Blind Mice, Three Little Pigs (see also Evil, Joking, Peer Pressure)
Cults-(see False Religions)

Dancing-Ballerina, Clown, Gang, Merrymakers, Square Dancers
Dating-Beauty & Beast, Fruit Trees, Gate Guard, Homewreckers, Unequal Yoke Folk, St. Valentine, Wedding Couple
Death-Cat of 9 Lives, Easter, Executioner, Invisible Boy, Lazarus, Sleeping Beauty, Unequal Yoke Folk (see also Heaven, Hell)
Debt-Gambler, Loan Sharks, Rembrandt, Shadow
Deception-Pinocchio, Spider & the Fly, Spirit Guides (see also False Prophets, Influence (Bad))
Decisions-Computer Kid, Gate Guard, Hickory, Puppeteers, Pigs, Robot, Time Machine (see also Regret)
Defense-(see Military, Self-Protection)
Deliberate Sin-Diplomats, Donkey, Hippo- crits, Prisoner (see also Lawlessness, Sin)
Demons-Alien, Bear, Cat of 9 Lives, Devil, Fortune Teller, Michael, Mr. Itchy Ears,
Moses, Philosophers, Spirit Guides, Witch, Zeus
Devil-(see Satan)
Devotions-Madison, Thinker
Dinosaurs-Job & the Dinosaur, St. George, Loch Ness Monster, Noah, Quetzalcoatlus
Disaster-Archaeologist, Barton, Dorian Gray, Lazybones, The Very End? (see also Suffering)
Discernment-Fruit Trees, False Prophets, Solomon, Spirit Guide, Rub-a-Dub
Discipline-Corrections Officers, Island Castaway, Joseph (Foster), Robinson Crusoe
Disobedience-(see Sin)
Divination-Fortune Teller
Donations-St. Francis, Handel, The Jewish People, King
Drinking-(see Substance Abuse)
Driving-Drivers, Hitchhiker, Racer
Drugs-(see Substance Abuse)
Duty of Man-Man Boy & Donkey, Moses, Presidents

Earth-Astronauts, Noah, Peleg, Young Earth (see also Creation)
Education-Scholars, Teacher, B. Washington (see also Knowledge, Wisdom)
Emergencies-New Mother Hubbard, Rescuers
Eleventh Hour Conversions-Late Rabbit
Emptiness-Dorian Gray, Ebenezer Scrooge, Gas Station Attendant
End Times-Alien, Bad Guys, Doorman, Elijah, Hippies, Hippocrits, Mr. Itchy Ears, Isaiah, The Jewish People, Sleeping Beauty, Spirit Guides, Tattooed Man, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, The Very End? (see also Millennial Kingdom, Rapture)
Enemies-Early Bird, Devil, Hippies, The Irish, Lamb, Marx, Nehemiah, Neighbors, Quarterback, Quick-to-Quarreler, Solomon, Trumpeter
Environment-(see Creation)
Envy-Green-Eyed Monster, Moses, Quartet (see also Greed)
Equality-M. L. King, Lincoln, Tubman
Equally Yoked-Beauty & the Beast, Gate Guard, Wedding Couple, Unequal Yoke Folk
Eternal Life-(see Heaven, Hell)
Evangelism-Aaron, Accountant, Athletes, Boone, Chapman, Couch Potato, Doctor, Domestic, Elisha, Fisherman, Forever n’ Ever Friends, St. Francis, Franklin, Gas Station Atdn., Lifeguard, Man Boy & Donkey, Military, Minister, Newsboy, Owens, Postman, Prisoner of War, Real Estate Agent, Rescuers, Superheroes, The Very End?, Voyager, Yachtsman (see also Salvation; more)
Everything/Nothing to Lose-Fence-Sitter
Evil-Bad Guys, Beauty & Beast, Devil, Director, Doorman, Dorian Gray, Dr. Jekyll, Gang, Ghouls, Goody Two-Shoes, Homewreckers, M. L. King, Knight, Money Tree, No-Evil Monkeys, Pandas, Punch, Private I., Rock Star, Romeo, Spider (see also Fruits, Occult, Sin)
Evolution-(see Creation)
Examples-Belly Dancer, Cheerleader, Churchgoers, Corrections Officers, Domestic Servants, Drum M., Homemaker,
Joseph (Foster), Josiah, Judge, Laborers, Lamp, Litterbug, Nativity, Nobleman, Nostalgia Girl, Parents, Patient, Punch, Presidents, Southerners, Superheroes, Umpire, Upperclassman, Wind, Yachtsman (see also historical figures by name; more)
Experience-Hickory, Old People, Roosevelt, Samson, Tailor, Voyager, Wright, X-Ray Man (see also Learning: Easy/Hard Way)

Failure-Cheerleader, Paul, Peter, Roosevelt, Wright Brothers (see also Mistakes, Regret)
Faith-Abraham, Dominoes, Easter, Gas Station Atdn., Gideon, Invisible Boy, J. P. Jones, Knight, Librarian, Luther, Patient, Paul, Peter, Rickenbacker, Robinson Crusoe, Scholars, Steadfast Tin Soldier, Thomas, G. Washington, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (see also Accepting Jesus, Martyrs, Salvation)
Faith Not Works, Saved By-Luther (see also Good Works)
False Gods-(see Idolatry)
False Prophets-Diplomat, Hippocrits, Mr. Itchy Ears, Philosophers, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (see also Church)
False Religions-Book, Chatterbox, Elijah, John, Philosophers (see also Church, Idolatry, Occult)
Family, providing for-Gambler, Homemaker, Joseph (Foster), Laborers, Lazybones, Money Tree, Nobleman, Peter Pumpkin Eater, Rich Man Poor Man
Family Values-Hippocrates, Nobleman, Owens, Voters, Webster (see also Absolute Truth, Babies, Marriage, Parents, Siblings)
Farming-Carver, Chapman, Chavez, Farmer and Friend, Carver, Gardening
Fathers-Joseph (Foster), Peter Pumpkin Eater, Nobleman (see also Parents)
Fear-Boogeyman, Little Miss Muffet, Pioneers
Fear God-Beauty Queen, Isaac, Moses, Persistent Widow, Voters
Fellowship-Athletes, Chavez, Gang, Movers, Racer, Churchgoers (see also Friends)
Fighting-Oriental Girl, Quick-to-Quarreler (see also Communication)
First Amendment Rights-Madison
Flattery-Queen Bee, Spider & the Fly
Flood, Noachian-(see Noah)
Food-(see Health)
Fools/Folly-Carpenter, Chatterbox, Devil, Donkey, Ichabod Crane, Lifeguard, Marx, Mime, New Mother Hubbard, Mother Nature, Prisoner, Quick-to-Quarreler, Rock Star, Sewer Rat, Sheriff, Skunk, Tempest, Three Little Pigs, Trumpeter, Vandal, Voters, Zeus
Forgiving Others-Feuding Folks, Gingham Dog, Punch, ZZZ-Time
Forgiveness From God-Baker, Cat of 9 Lives, Devil, Diplomat, Doctor, Dorian Gray, Janitor, Magellan, Mr. & Mrs. Ugly, Prodigal Son, Rembrandt, Robinson Crusoe, Shadow, Shot Putter, Snow White, Swiss Cheese, Time Machine, X-Outer, Zacchaeus (see also Accepting Jesus, Confession, Heaven, Purification, Repentance, Salvation)
Fortune Telling-Devil, Fortune Teller, Michael, Spirit Guides, Witch
Founding Fathers-Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Presidents, Revere, G. Washington
Free Will-Corrections Officer, Donkey, Executioner, Robot, Mr. & Mrs. Ugly, Wind & Sun (see also Rules)
Freedom-Bank Teller, Corrections Officer, Diplomat, Jefferson, Jones, King, Liberty Bell, Madison, Optometrist, Orchestra Conductor, Lincoln, Quack, Ross, Thanksgiving, Tubman,
Voters, G. Washington, Webster, Yankee Doodle (see also Free Will)
Friends-Book, Dentist, Dominoes, Forever n' Ever Friends, Fruit Trees, Gang, Gate Guard,
Goody Two-Shoes, Jack & Jill, Puppeteers, Quack, Queen Bee, Scholars, Shrinking Violet, Three Musketeers, Ugly Duckling, Unequal Yoke Folk, Visitors (see also Fruits, Influence)
Fruit of the Spirit-Chapman, Fruit Trees, Litterbug, Quarterback
Fruits (you shall know them by)-Beauty & Beast, Book, Carpenter, Chapman, Fruit Trees, Litterbug, Sewer Rat, Wedding Couple (see also Equally Yoked, Hypocrisy, Serving God, Serving Others)
Fun-Clown, Merrymakers (see also Friends, Happiness)
Future-Ant and Grasshopper, Fortune Teller, Gift, Newton, Puppeteers, Quilter, Time Machine, Very Important Persons, Window Washer (see also End Times, Millennial Kingdom, Prophecy)

Gambling-Gambler, Rich Man Poor Man (see also Money)
Gangs-Gang (see also Influence (Bad))
Garbage In, Garbage Out-Computer Kid (see also Influence (Bad))
Gardening-(see Plants)
Generosity-Elves, Ebenezer, Visitors (see also Poverty, Humanitarians)
Gentleness-Goody Two-Shoes, Movie Star, Shrinking Violet, Wind & Sun
Gifts of the Spirit-Belly Dancer
Glory, to God Be the-Morse, Mother Teresa
Goals-Architect & Building Inspector, Oakley, Bartender, Cheerleader, Couch Potato, Hare & Tortoise, J. P. Jones, Nobleman, Puppeteers, Roosevelt, Victorians, Unequal Yoke Folk
God in Three Persons-Isaac, Jesus, John, St. Patrick
Godliness-Quarterback, Nobleman, Upperclassman (see also Character Traits, Obedience, Rules)
God's Omnipotence-Cinderella, Jonah, Methuselah, Zookeeper (see also Creation)
God's Omnipresence-Astronauts, Deep-Sea Diver, Happy-Face Kids

G (continued)
God's Omniscience-Barber, Gift, Green-Eyed Monster, Happy-Face Kids, Icarus, Mr. Itchy Ears, Quilter, Thief, Thinker, Yukon Miner (see also Prophecy)
God's Will-Gate Guard, Ordinary People?, Pandas, Thanksgiving
Golden Rule-Goldilocks
Good News-Donkey, Farmer & Friend, Fisherman, Newsboy, Postman (see also Salvation)
Good Works-Edison, General, Leap Frogs, Luther, Restaurant Folks, Tailor, X-Outer (see also Only One Way to Heaven, Rewards in Heaven)
Gospel-(see Good News)
Gossip-Chatterbox, Forest Ranger, Fruit Trees, Giraffe, Shadow
Grace, God's-Diplomat, Luther
Grace (Saying)-Visitors
Great Commission-Newsboy (see also Evangelism, Good News)
Greed-Camel, Ebenezer, Gambler, Inuit, Money Tree, Rich Man Poor Man (see also Money)
Guards-Gate Guard
Guidance (Godly)-Architect, Blockhead Boys, Computer Kid, Couch Potato, Daisy, Escape Artist, Fortune Teller, House Painter, Joseph (Foster), Luke, Old People, Operator, Optometrist, Parents, Pilgrim's Progress, Restaurant Folks, Rub-a-Dub, Shot Putter, Solomon, Teacher, Thinker (see also Rules)
Guidance (Bad Sources)-Fortune Teller
Guilt-(see Forgiveness From God)

Hair-Barber, Rapunzel
Happiness-Architect, Ballerina, Beauty & Beast, Beauty Queen, Carver, Cheerleader, Cinderella, Clown, Computer Kid, Copycat, Daisy, Dentist, Doctor, Donkey, Drum M., Easter, Ebenezer Scrooge, Feuding Folks, Flagman, Fruit Trees, Gas Station Atdn., Gate Guard, Gingerbread, Green-Eyed Monster, Happy Camper Kids, Happy-Face Kids, Heidi, Hickory, Homemaker, Horse, Inuit, Jack & Jill, Jefferson, Leap Frogs, Lifeguard, Luther, Mechanic, Merrymakers, Morse, Nativity, Old People, Orchestra Conductor, Pigs, Pollyanna, Postman, Private I., Quack, Queen Bee, Queen of Hearts, Rich Man Poor Man, Thinker, Twinkle Star, Unequal Yoke Folk, Yukon Miner (see also Abundant Life, Blessings, Friends, Heaven, Influence, Mental Health, Obedience, Peace, Regret, Rules, Sadness, Wisdom)
Happily Ever After-Beauty & Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Steadfast Tin Soldier
Hard Times-Patient, Sandwich, Snowmen
Harmony-Belly Dancer, Quartet (see also Communication)
Health-Churchgoers, Clown, Couch Potato, Doctor, Green-Eyed Monster, Pasteur, Quarterback, Sugar Plum Fairy, X-Ray Man (see also Mental Health, Sickness, Substance Abuse)
Heart-Clown, Doctor & Nurse, Queen of Hearts
Heaven-Artist, Astronauts, Athletes, Boone, Camel, Cat of 9 Lives, Cinderella, Doctor, Einstein, Executioner, Fisherman, Flagman, Forever n' Ever Friends, Gingerbread, Heirs of Heaven, Invisible Boy, Janitor, J. L. Jones, M. L. King, Late Rabbit, Leap Frogs, Marx, Movers, Naaman, Neighbors, Orphan Train, Patient, Pearl Diver, Pilgrim’s Progress, Pinocchio, Pollyanna, Prisoner of War, Real Estate Agent, Rich Man & Beggar, Robot, Sleeping Beauty, Steadfast Tin Soldier, Unequal Yoke Folk, The Very End?, Very Important Persons, Voyager, X-Outer, Zookeeper (see also Accepting Jesus, Evangelism, Hell, Mark of the Beast, Nonbelievers, Only One Way to Heaven, Rapture, Rewards in Heaven)
Helping Others-Cheerleader, Lazybones, Mother Teresa, Volunteers
Hell-Athletes, Cat of 9 Lives, Devil, Dr. Jekyll, Executioner, Fence-Sitter, Fisherman, Late Rabbit, Marx, Rich Man & Beggar, Spirit Guides, Voyager
Hobbies-Artist, Librarian, Racer
Holidays/Special Occasions-American Eagle, Columbus, Easter, Ebenezer Scrooge, Ghouls, Homemaker, The Irish, Jefferson, Jesus Christ, Joseph (Foster), Laborers, Leap Frogs, Liberty Bell, Lincoln, Madison, Mary, Military Personnel, M. L. King, Mother Nature, Nativity, Old People, St. Patrick, Presidents, Prisoner of War, Queen of Hearts, Betsy Ross, Thanksgiving, Uncle Sam, St. Valentine, Voters, Wise Men, G. Washington, Yankee Doodle
Holy Spirit-Corrections Officers, Elizabeth, Flagman, Isaiah, John, Luke, Mary, Oakley, Pasteur, Paul, Peter, Stephen (see also God, God in Three Persons)
Homelessness-(see Poverty)
Honesty-Bank Teller, Camel, Emperor, Laborers, Lincoln, Mechanic, Money Tree, Nobleman, Presidents, Puppeteers, Rich Man Poor Man, Rub-a-Dub, Thief, Upperclassman, Wedding Couple (see also Lying, Reputation)
Honor-Baker, Diplomat, Hansel & Gretel, Jefferson, Jewish People, Joseph (Foster), M. L. King, Moses, Nobleman, Owens, Parents, Pigs, Quarterback, Quick-to-Quarreler, Rickenbacker, Ruth, Skunk, Solomon, Very Important Person, Voyager, G. Washington, Zacchaeus
Honoring God-Artist, Beauty Queen, Churchgoers, Early Bird, Gingerbread Cookies, Orchestra Conductor, Peter Pumpkin, Racer, Rock Star, Webster
Humanitarians-Barton, Carver, Lind, Morse, Nightingale, Tubman, Mother Teresa
Humility-Ministers, Southerners (see also Pride)
Humor-Joker, Marx, Merrymakers, Sewer Rat
Hunger-Ant, Inuit, Lazybones, Peter Pumpkin, Prodigal Son, Punch, Visitors
Hypocrisy-Bad Guys, Beauty & Beast, Diplomat, Fruit Trees, Hippocrits, Paul Bunyan, The Very End? (see also Judging Others)
Hypnotism-Cat of 9 Lives, Mr. Itchy Ears, Spirit Guides

Idolatry-Alien, Bad Guys, Copernicus, Elijah, Hippocrates, Josiah, Mother Nature, Zeus
Immorality-Homewreckers, Lot (see also Purity, Regret)
In God We Trust-Bank Teller, Orchestra Conductor
Influence (Bad)-Blockhead Boys, Copycat, Devil, Dominoes, Drivers, Fruit Trees, Gang, Hickory, Man Boy & Donkey, Party Animals, Punch, Puppeteers, Rich Man Poor man, Rub-a-Dub, No-Evil Monkeys, Sewer Rat, Three Blind Mice, Man Boy & Donkey, Unequal Yoke Folk, Wilderness Guide, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Zeus (see also Friends, Occult, Substance Abuse; more)
Influence (Good)-Beauty & Beast, Drum M., Josiah, Lifeguard, Lamp, Pollyanna, Upperclassman, Yachtsman (see also Friends, Warnings; biographical costumes)
Influence (Good or Bad)-Director, Dominoes, Pilgrim's Progress, Presidents, Rock Star, Thinker
Ingratitude-Ingrate (see also Appreciation, Blessings)
Initiative-Ant & Grasshopper
Integrity-Diplomat, Frog Princess, Nobleman (see also Honesty)

Jesus-Jesus Christ (see also God; more)
Jewish People-Queen Esther, Jacob/Israel, The Jewish People, Joshua
Joking-Chatterbox, Cheerleader, Clown, Fruit Trees, Gingham Dog, Joker, Judge, Marx, Merrymakers, Puppeteer, Sewer Rat
Judging Others-Book, Fruit Trees, Judge, M. L. King, Paul Bunyan, Samuel, Shadow, Swiss Cheese (see also Fruits)
Judgment-Camel, Hippocrates, Ichabod Crane, Party Animals, Pigs, Quack, Victorians
Judgment of God-Accountant, Cat of 9 Lives
Just As We Are-Doctor, Zacchaeus

Kindness-Barton, Cheerleader, Ebenezer, Emperor, Giraffe, Joker, Queen Bee, Mother Teresa, Neighbors, Nightingale, Nobleman, Oriental Girl, Romeo, Snow White, Southerners, Wedding Couple
Knowledge-Adam, Archaeologist, Computer Kid, Minister, Square Dancers, Superheroes, Time Machine (see also Education, Future, Science, Wisdom)

Lawlessness-Bad Guys, Diplomat, Gang, Hippocrits, Mr. Itchy Ears, Prisoner, Quack, Donkey, Rub-a-Dub, Thief, Vandal (see also Absolute Truth)
Laziness-Ant, Couch Potato, Lazybones
Leaders/Leadership-Churchgoers, General, Lamb, Madison, Military Personnel, Presidents, Racer, Three Blind Mice, Trumpeter, Upperclassman, Wind & Sun (see also Examples, Influence; and historical figures by name)
Learning: Easy/Hard Way-Bear, Belly Dancer, Gingerbread Cookies, Hickory, Old People, Prodigal Son, Yukon Miner (see also Consequences, Education, Experience)
Liberty-Liberty Bell (see also Religious Freedom)
Life's Purpose-Gideon, Tailor, Ugly Duckling, Voyager
Logic-Alien, Bad Guys, Cave Dwellers, Hippocrates, Ichabod Crane, Librarian, Monkey's Nephew, Roosevelt
Loneliness-Movers, Pioneers (see also Acceptance, Friends)
Lord's Prayer-ZZZ-Time
Love, God's Love for Us-(see Salvation)
Loving God-Beauty Queen, Copycat, Fruit Trees (see Obedience)
Loving Others-Forever n' Ever Friends, Hansel & Gretel, St. Valentine, Wedding Couple (see also Dating, Friends, Marriage, Serving Others; more)
Loyalty-Emperor, Money Tree, Prisoners of War, Ruth, Voyager (see also Marriage)
Lukewarm-Beauty & Beast, Fence-Sitter (see also Hypocrisy)
Lying-Adam and Eve, Alien, Bad Guys, Chatterbox, Devil, Dorian Gray, Executioner, Fruit Trees, Gutenberg, Hippocrits, Moses, Nobleman, Pinocchio, Pilgrim’s Progress, Puppeteers, Spider & the Fly, Spirit Guides, Stephen, Thief, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (see also Fruits, Honesty)

Magic-Cinderella, Genie, House Painter, Witch
Manipulation-Bully, Fruit Trees, Puppeteers, Spider & Fly
Manners-Oriental Girl, Southerners, Victorians, Visitors
Mansions-Real Estate Agent
Many Paths to God?-(see Only One Way to Heaven)
Mark of the Beast-Doorman, Tattooed Man, The Very End?
Marriage-Beauty & Beast, Fruit Trees, Gate Guard, Homewreckers, Unequal Yoke Folk, St. Valentine, Wedding Couple
Martial Arts-Athletes, Philosophers
Martyrs-St. George, Inventor, St. Joan of Arc, Stephen, St. Valentine
Meanness-Bully, Fencer, Three Little Pigs (see also Joking, Influence (Bad))
Memories-Accountant, Hickory, Homemaker, Pigs, Presidents, Quack, Real Estate Agent , Shot Putter (see also Regret)
Mental Health-Clown, Computer Kid, Director, Doctor, Green-Eyed Monster, Patient, Rock Star, Sandwich, Thinker (see also Peace, Happiness)
Mercy-Bellhop, Cheerleader, Heirs of Heaven, Shadow, Shot Putter
Military-American Eagle, General, Hippies, Military Personnel, Prisoner of War, Voters, Yankee Doodle
Millennial Kingdom-Doorman, Hippies, Sleeping Beauty, The Very End?
Ministers-Bully, Dr. Jekyll, M. L. King, Michael, Minister, Orphan Train, Pilgrim’s Progress, Pollyanna, Punch, Rub-a-Dub, Scholars, Superheroes, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Miracles-Abraham, Alien, Deep-Sea Diver, Easter, Elisha, St. Francis, Gideon, Inventor, Isaac, Jesus Christ, The Jewish People, John, Jonah, Joshua, Lazarus, Luke, Mary, Nativity, Operator, Paul, Shadrach, Stephen
Missions-St. Francis (see also Donations)
Mistakes-Churchgoers, Executioner, Janitor, Paul, Roosevelt, Samson, Spider & the Fly (see also Failure)
Mockery-Bully, Devil, Isaiah, Nostalgia Girl (see also Joking)
Modesty-Nostalgia Girl, Puppeteers, Shrinking Violet
Money-Accountant, Ant, Bank Teller, Book, Camel, Carver, Couch Potato, Director, Ebenezer, Gambler, Goody Two-Shoes, Happy Camper Kids, Handel, Hickory, Homemaker, Joseph (Coat), King, Laborers, Lind, Litterbug, Loan Shark, Milkmaid, Money Tree, Morse, New Mother Hubbard, Nobleman, Orphan Train, Prodigal Son, Rich Man & the Beggar, Rich Man Poor Man, Solomon, Superheroes, Vandal, Visitors, Zacchaeus (see also Debt, Laziness, Substance Abuse, Theft, Work)
Monsters-Boogeyman, Ghouls
Moral Absolutes-(see Absolute Truth)
Mother Nature-(see Creation, Idolatry)
Mothers-Homemaker (see also Parents)
Motives-Genie, Happy-Face Kids, Persistent Widow (see also Fruits, Rationalizing)
Movies-Clown, Director, Computer Kid, Movie Star, No-Evil Monkeys, Private I., Thinker (see also Influence)
Murder-Donkey, Hippocrates, Moses
Music-Handel, Lind, Orchestra Conductor, Quartet, Rock Star

Name-(see Reputation)
Nature-(see Creation)
New Age Religion-(see False Religions, Idolatry, Occult)
Noah-Archaeologist, Hawaiian Islander, Methuselah, Noah, Peleg, Young Earth
Nonbelievers-Edison, Fence-sitter, Fisherman, Late Rabbit, Marx, Philosophers, Three Blind Mice (see also Evangelism, Salvation)

Obedience-Adam, American Eagle, Angels, Ant, Bank Teller, Beauty & Beast, Beauty Queen, Butterfly, Cave Dwellers, Cinderella, Clown, Copycat, Drivers, Gate Guard, General, Gingerbread, Hippocrits, Horse, House Painter, Icarus, Isaac, Jonah, Joseph (Foster), Josiah, Man Boy & Donkey, Luther, Nobleman, Oakley, Ordinary People?, Parents, Persistent Widow, Prisoner, Robot, Samuel, Sheriff, Shadrach, Square Dancers, Three Little Pigs, Trumpeter, Unequal Yoke Folk, Wilderness Guide, Wolf, XING Guard, Yankee Doodle (see also Rules, Temptation)
Occult-Alien, Devil, Fortune Teller, Ghouls, Hippies, Michael, Mr. Itchy Ears, Philosophers, Rock Star, Spirit Guides, Witch (see also False Religions, Idolatry)
Old Age-Old People, Methuselah
Oldest Lie-Adam & Eve
Old-Fashioned Thinking?-Gutenberg (see also Absolute Truth)
One Nation Under God-Betsy Ross
One-World Government-Doorman (see also Antichrist, End Times)
Only One Way to Heaven-Athletes, Camel, Edison, Executioner, Fence-Sitter, Flagman, Jesus Christ, John, Luther, Mr. Itchy Ears, Naaman, Philosophers, Rembrandt, Robot, X-Outer, Zeus (see also False Religions, Heaven, Salvation)
Orphans-Orphan Train Adoptees

Paranormal-(see Occult)
Parents-Nobleman, Parents, Queen Bee, Superheroes (see also Family categories, Fathers, Mothers)
Paths-Bear, Blockhead, Computer Kid, Donkey, Dorian Gray, Drivers, Early Bird, Flagman, Genie, Hare & the Tortoise, Philosophers, Wilderness Guide, XING Guard, Zigzagzoopman
Patience-Corrections Officers, Gingham Dog, Hansel, Hickory, Leap Frogs, Mr. & Mrs. Ugly, Nobleman, Operator, Oriental Girl, Patient, Pollyanna, Quick-to-Quarreler, Quilter, Robinson, Sandwich, Snow White, Tempest, Ugly Duckling, Wedding Couple
Patriotism-Liberty Bell, Orchestra Conductor, Rickenbacker, Ross, Uncle Sam, Webster, Yankee Doodle
Paying Attention-Donkey, Snowmen
Peace-Artist, American Eagle, Copycat, Hippies, M. L. King, Knight, Military Personnel, Movie Star, Optometrist, Pioneers, Punch, Sandman, Spirit Guides, Thomas, Trumpeter, Umpire, Voters, X-Ray Man, ZZZ-Time (see also Communication, Conscience, Fruit of the Spirit, Heaven, Mental Health, Millennial Kingdom, Regret)
Peacemakers-Franklin, Pocahontas & Squanto
Peer Pressure-(see Influence (Bad))
Perfection-Oakley, Roosevelt (see also Failure, Mistakes)
Persecution-Daniel, Paul, Peter, Shadrach, Stephen, Thanksgiving, Upperclassman (see also Influence (Bad))
Perseverance-Roosevelt, Wright Brothers (see also Failure, Mistakes)
Pets-(see Animals)
Pilgrimage-Pilgrim's Progress, Thanksgiving
Plans-Architect, Artist, Astronauts, Barber, Bear, Fortune Teller, Gideon, Noah, Nobleman, Restaurant, Tailor, Ugly Duckling, Very Important Persons (see also God's Will)
Plants-Farmer, Gardener, Pocahontas, Thanksgiving
Pleasing God-Man Boy & Donkey
Pledge of Allegiance-Ross
Popularity-Franklin (see also Friends, Influence)
Possessions-King, Money Tree (see also Credit, Envy, Greed, Money)
Possibilities-Couch Potato, Tailor
Poverty-Belly Dancer, Child Laborers, Cinderella, Gambler, Goody Two-Shoes, Happy Camper, Lazybones, Nightingale, Rich Man & Beggar, Rich Man Poor Man, Ruth, Mother Teresa, B. Washington, Zacchaeus (see also Family Providing For, Blessings)
Power-Director, Green-Eyed Monster, Knight, Librarian, Little Miss Muffet, Madison, Mary, Military, Ordinary People?, Persistent Widow, Quarterback, Samson, Stephen, Upperclassman, Yachtsman, Yankee Doodle(see also God's Omnipotence, Unity)
Praise-(see Worship)
Prayer-Deep-Sea Diver, Early Bird Boy, Genie, Little Bo Peep, Operator, Persistent Widow, Rebekah, Thinker, ZZZ-Time (more)
Prejudice-M. L. King (see also Slavery)
Preparedness-New Mother Hubbard
Presidents-Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Presidents, Roosevelt, G. Washington (see also Voting)
Pride-Devil, Emperor, Parents, Peacock, Quick-to-Quarreler, Rich Man Poor Man, Swiss Cheese

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P (continued)
Prisoners-Bad Guys, Corrections Officers, Gang, POW, Prisoner, Sheriff
Prodigal Returns-Prodigal Son
Profanity-Chatterbox, Moses, Sewer Rat, G. Washington (see also Swearing)
Promises-Frog Princess, Hippocrates, Nobleman, Pied Piper, Puppeteers
Prophecy-Archaeologist, Isaiah, Jesus, Mary, Morse, Newton (see also Bible, End Times)
Protection-Lifeguard, Rescuers, Sheriff, Superheroes (see also Self-Protection)
Psychics-Donkey, Fortune Teller, Michael, Nostalgia Girl, Spirit Guides
Punishment-Prisoner, Sheriff (see also Consequences)
Purification-Isaac, Janitor, Newsboy, Pasteur, Shot Putter, X-Outer (see also Forgiveness)
Purity-Copycat, Daisy, Gate Guard, Goody Two-Shoes, Hickory, Homewreckers, Pigs, Queen of Hearts, Rock Star, Steadfast Tin Soldier, Thinker, Upperclassman (see also Regret)

Questions-Old People, Optometrist, Pandas, Zigzagzoopman

Race-Adam, Peleg
Rainbow-Hawaiian Islander
Rapture-Alien, Doorman, Executioner, Hippocrits, Hippies, Isaiah, Jewish People, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tattooed Man, The Very End (see also End Times)
Rationalizing-Bear, Diplomat, Goldilocks, Gutenberg, Hippocrits, Homewreckers, Pandas, Paul Bunyan, Rub-a-Dub, Spider & the Fly, Swiss Cheese (see also Lawlessness)
Recognizing Evil-Adam, Bad Guys, Book, Fruit Trees, Private I., Rub-a-Dub, Spirit Guides, Three Little Pigs, Wilderness Guide (see also Evil, Fruits, Testing)
Redemption-Handel, Newsboy (see also Forgiveness, Salvation)
Refreshment-Churchgoers, Ice Cream Parlor Man
Regret-Accountant, Bear, Devil, Dorian Gray, Fencer, Dr. Jekyll, Hickory, Minister, Party Animals, Pigs, Quack, Rock Star, Shadow, Shot Putter, Spider & Fly, Tattooed Man, Tempest, Time Machine, X-Outer (see also Consequences)
Reincarnation-Cat of 9 Lives
Relevance of the Bible Today-Gutenberg (see also Absolute Truth)
Religions-Churchgoers, Jefferson, John, Philosophers (see also False Religions, Only One Way to Heaven, Salvation)
Religious Freedom-Jefferson, Liberty Bell, Madison, Nobleman, Pilgrim's Progress, Thanksgiving, Voters, Webster
Repentance-Bad Guys, Bear, Corrections Officers, Diplomat, Dorian Gray, Heirs of Heaven, Ice Cream Parlor Man, John, Lazarus, Mr. and Mrs. Ugly, Private Investigator, Prodigal Son, Punch, Shadow, Swiss Cheese, Trumpeter (see also Confession)
Reputation-Dominoes, Pinocchio, Puppeteers, Presidents, Romeo & Juliet, Shadow, Skunk (see also Regret)
Requirements of God-Man Boy & Donkey, Moses, Pilgrim's Progress, Presidents (see also Rules)
Respect-Oriental Girl, Upperclassman (see also Manners)
Responsibility-Accountant, Homemaker, Lazybones, Nobleman, Philosophers, Prisoner, Upperclassman, Zookeeper
Rest-Churchgoers (see also Sleep)
Resurrection-Easter, Jesus Christ (see also Bodies in Heaven)
Revenge-Forest Ranger, Gingham Dog, Punch, Wedding Couple
Reverence-Baker, Daniel, Sewer Rat
Rewards in Heaven-Accountant, Athletes, Barber, Ebenezer, Flagman, Happy-Face Kids, Heirs of Heaven, King, Late Rabbit, Leap Frogs, Luther, Morse, Tailor, Very Important Persons (see also Heaven)
Righteousness-Abraham, Daniel, Fisherman, Goody Two-Shoes, Joseph (Foster), Knight, Lot, Luther, Nobleman, Peacock, Persistent Widow, Presidents, Sheriff (more)
Rock-Dominoes, Rock Star
Role-Playing-Devil, Puppeteers, Spider & Fly
Rules-Athletes, Bartender, Dorian Gray, Drivers, Gas Station Atdn., Gate Guard, General, Gingerbread, Goldilocks, Gutenberg, Humpty, Icarus, Joseph (Foster), Luther, Moses, Mr. Itchy Ears, Party Animals, Philosophers, Pigs, Pilgrim’s Progress, Presidents, Prisoner, Private I., Queen of Hearts, Robinson Crusoe, Rock Star, Rub-s-Dub, Scholars, Sheriff, Snowmen, Trumpeter, Umpire, Wind & Sun, X-Ray Man, Yukon Miner (see also Bible, Consequences, Free Will, Guidance (Godly), Regret, Wisdom)
Runaways-Prodigal Son
Ruthlessness-Three Little Pigs

Sabbath-Baker, Carver, Churchgoers, Ice Cream Parlor Man, Moses
Sacrifice-Isaac, Jesus Christ, Casey Jones
Sadness-Bellhop, Cheerleader, Dentist, Director, Donkey, Drum M., Gas Station Atdn., Gift, Homewreckers, Humpty, Icarus, Jack & Jill, Josiah, Lazarus, Little Bo Peep, Patient, Quilter, Tailor, Thief, Twinkle, Ugly Duckling, Window Washer, Yukon Miner (see also Death, Happiness, Heaven, Hell, Regret, Troubles)
Safety-XING Guard (see also Self-Protection, Stranger Danger)
Salt-Elisha, Lot
Salvation-Cat of 9 Lives, Fisherman, Handel, Ice Cream Parlor Man, Invisible Boy, Isaac, Jesus Christ, John, Knight, Leap Frogs, Lifeguard, Luther, Military, Parents, Rembrandt, Rescuers, Rich Man & Beggar, Robot, Rub-a-Dub, The Very End?, Very Important Persons (see also Accepting Jesus, Evangelism, Forgiveness From God, Good Works, Heaven, Nonbelievers, Only One Way to Heaven, Repentance)
Satan-Adam, Alien, Cat of 9 Lives, Circus Performers, Devil, Doorman, Dr. Jekyll, Executioner, Farmer, Fisherman, Flagman, Goody Two-Shoes, Lifeguard, Marx, Michael, Monkey’s Nephew, No-Evil Monkeys, Ordinary People?, Pandas, Party Animals, Pinocchio, Prisoner of War, Punch, Quack, Rock Star, Snow White, Spirit Guides, Teacher, Three Blind Mice, The Very End, Voyager, Window Washer, Witch (see also Evil, Hell, Rationalizing, Sin, Spiritual Warfare, Temptation, Troubles)
School Prayer-Teacher
Science-Archaeologist, Carver, Clown, Copernicus, Easter, Einstein, Franklin, Newton, Pasteur, Peleg, Young Earth (see also Creation, Dinosaurs, Noah's Ark)
Scoffers-Isaiah (see also Mockery)
Second Coming-(see End Times)
Secrets-Chatterbox, Forest Ranger, Frog Princess, Nobleman, Punch, Puppeteers, Samson
Self-Control-Cat of 9 Lives, Circus Performers, Fruit Trees, Nehemiah, Nobleman, Party Animals, Pigs, Quack, Quarterback, Upperclassman
Self-Importance-Belly Dancer, Bully (see also Pride)
Self-Protection-Bad Guys, Cat of 9 Lives, Circus Performers, Dentist, Devil, Director, Drivers, Forest Ranger, Gate Guard, Queen, Knight, Lifeguard, Nehemiah, No-Evil Monkeys, Pioneers, Private I., Punch, Puppeteers, Romeo, Rub-a-Dub, Snowmen, Spirit Guides, Three Little Pigs, XING Guard, Wilderness Guide, Witch (see also Friends, Fruits, Influence, Rules, Stranger Danger, Substance Abuse, Unity, Wisdom)
Selfishness-Ebenezer, Solomon, Wedding Couple
Self-Respect-Laborers (see also Honor, Reputation, Substance Abuse)
Serving God-Artist, Ballerina, Belly Dancer, Gideon, Gingerbread, Man Boy & Donkey, Minister, Mother Teresa, Paul, Peter, Tailor, Visitors (see also Evangelism)
Serving Others-Accountant, Barton, Belly Dancer, Domestic Servants, Elves, Ice Cream Parlor Man, Minister, Paul, Restaurant Folks, Southerners, Superheroes, Visitors, Tubman (see also Evangelism)
Shame-Accountant, Bear, Copycat, Corrections Officers, Daisy, Drum M., Pigs, X-Outer, Hickory, Shadow (see also Regret, Reputation)
Sharing-Baker, Bellhop, Carver, Ingrate, Jack & Jill, King, Morse, Racer, Visitors
Sheep-Lamb, Little Bo Peep, Red Riding Hood, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Shyness-Shrinking Violet
Siblings-Hansel & Gretel, Queen Bee
Sickness-Barton, Bear, Churchgoers, Goody Two-Shoes, Hickory, Hippocrates, Homemaker, Nightingale, Pasteur, Mother Teresa (see also Health, Heaven, Substance Abuse)
Sin-Bad Guys, Doorman, Moses, Mr. & Mrs. Ugly (see also Absolute Truth, Confession, Evil, Forgiveness, Hypocrisy, Lawlessness, Repentance, Rules, Salvation, Temptation, and sins by their individual subjects)
Sincerity-Diplomat, Hippocrits
Sinful Nature-Bad Guys, Bully, Director, Drum M., Hippies, John, Madison, Snow White (see also Evil, Sin)
Sinner's Prayer-(see Accepting Jesus as Savior)
Situational Ethics-Drivers, Gas Station Atdn., Mr. Itchy Ears, Rub-a-Dub (see also Absolute Truth, Hypocrisy, Lawlessness, Rationalizing, Rules)
Slavery-Lincoln, St. Patrick, Pocahontas & Squanto, Tubman, Twain, B. Washington
Smoking-(see Substance Abuse)
Soul-Camel, Ebenezer, Executioner, Gas Station Atdn., Invisible Boy, Neighbors, Queen Bee, Sleeping Beauty, Three Blind Mice, Witch, Zookeeper
Sowing-Farmer and Friend (see also Good news, Plants)
Spirit Guides-Michael, Mr. Itchy Ears, Spirit Guides (see also Demons, Occult)
Spiritual Blindness-Three Blind Mice
Spiritual Growth-Daisy, Farmer, Flagman, Oakley, Rub-a-Dub (see also Christian Daily Walk)
Spiritual Revival-Trumpeter
Spiritual Warfare-Cat of 9 Lives, Devil, Fortune Teller, Knight, Michael, Military, Prisoner of War, Robinson Crusoe, Spirit Guides, Teacher (see also Demons, Occult)
Sports- Athletes, Fencer, Hare & Tortoise, Owens, Quarterback, Racer, Shot Putter, Umpire
Star of Bethlehem-Wise Men
Still Small Voice-Corrections Officers, Operator, Square Dancers, Thinker
Straight and Narrow-Drivers
Stranger Danger-Bad Guys, Bellhop, Book, Fruit Trees, Hitchhiker, Red Riding Hood, Spider & the Fly, Superheroes
Strength-Carpenter, Dominoes, Drum M., Knight, Librarian, Roosevelt, Shrinking Violet, G. Washington, Webster (see also Bible, Heaven, Peer Pressure, Power, Sabbath, Self-Protection, Steadfast Tin Soldier, Temptation, Unity, Wisdom)
Stress-Sandwich Board Boy
Substance Abuse-Bear, Dr. Jekyll, Hitchhiker, Nehemiah, Party Animals, Puppeteers, Quack, Twain, G. Washington
Success-Cinderella, Computer, Gang, Heidi, Oakley, Pigs, Quarterback, Roosevelt, Scholars, Snowmen, Spirit Guides, Thanksgiving, Mechanic, Optometrist, Outdoorsman, Private I.
Suffering-(see Troubles)
Suicide-Dr. Jekyll (see also Death)
Superstition-Hippocrates, House Painter
Survival-Pocahontas & Squanto, Private I., Thanksgiving, Wilderness Guide
Swearing-Chatterbox, Fruit Trees, Sewer Rat, G. Washington

Talents and Skill-Accountant, Artist, Ballerina, Elves, Gideon, Lind, Quartet, Quilt Girl, Pearl Diver, Restaurant Folks, Tailor
Tattoos-Doorman, Nostalgia Girl, Tattooed Man
Taxes-Bank Teller, Mary, Minister, Peacock, Zacchaeus
Teaching-Upperclassman, Teacher
Teamwork-Three Musketeers, Twinkle Star (see also Unity)
Teens-(see Youths)
The Temple-Aaron
Temptation-Bear, Bully, Circus Performers, Devil, Dr. Jekyll, Escape Artist, Executioner, Giraffe, Hansel & Gretel, Hare & Tortoise, High-Wire Artist, Hippies, Homewreckers, Knight, Michael, No-Evil Monkeys, Pigs, Pilgrim's Progress, Prisoner, Quarterback, Queen of Hearts, Spider & the Fly, Thinker, Wilderness Guide
Ten Commandments-Moses (see also Commandments)
Testing-Isaac, Isaiah, Job, Farmer, Pandas, Private I., Puppeteers, Sewer Rat, Spirit Guides (see also Fruits, Recognizing Evil)
Thankfulness-Child Laborers, Clown, Green-Eyed Monster, Ingrate, Inuit, Man Boy & Donkey, Minister, Orchestra Conductor, Operator, Pollyanna, Queen Bee, Twinkle (see also Appreciation, Blessings)
Theft-Gang, Goldilocks, Hippocrits, King, Moses, Nobleman, Puppeteers, Shadow, Skunk, Thief
Things God Hates-Hippocrates, Homewreckers, Pinocchio, Punch, Quick-to-Quarreler, Thief, Zeus
Things God Loves-Corrections Officers, Gift, Lamb, Morse, Prodigal Son, Sandman, Sheriff
Time and Timing-Deep-Sea Diver, Einstein, Esther, Gate Guard, Genie, Gift, Hickory, Knitter, Operator, Persistent Widow, Pigs, Rebekah, Tailor
Tithing-Accountant, Belly Dancer, Morse
Togetherness-(see Unity)
Tower of Babel-Peleg, Cave Dwellers
Traditions-Orchestra Conductor, Ross, Three Blind Mice, Valentine, Yankee Doodle (see also Superstition)
Transformation-Butterfly, Doctor, Dorian Gray, Inventor, Pasteur, Rub-a-Dub
Treasures-Artist, King
Tribulation-(see End Times, Troubles)
Trinity-(see God in Three Persons)
Troubles-Bellhop, Dentist, Donkey, Hickory, Hippies, Leap Frogs, Little Bo Peep, Old People, Optometrist, Patient, Pilgrim’s Progress, Prisoner of War, Queen, Quick-to-Quarreler, Sandwich Board Boy, Snow White, Snowmen, Steadfast Tin Soldier, Teacher, The Very End?, Voyager, Wilderness Guide, Window Washer (see also Consequences, Influence (Bad), Obedience, Regret, Rules, Self-Protection)
Trusting God-Bank Teller, Computer Kid, Fortune Teller, Gideon, Patient, Pioneers, Queen, Sandman, Sandwich Board Boy, Window Washer
Trusting People-Forest Ranger, Punch, Samson, Wedding Couple (see also Fruits, Lying, Influence (Bad)), Reputation, Spirit Guides, Stranger Danger)
Truth-Bear, Director, Domestic Servants, Emperor’s New Clothes, Fencer, Inventor, Knight, Minister, Morse, Mr. Itchy Ears, Noah, Pandas, Parents, Private I., Quarterback, Rock Star, Teacher, Wind & Sun, Yukon Miner (see also Absolute Truth, Creation, Honesty, Lying, Prophecy)

Ugliness-Mr. & Mrs. Ugly, Ugly Duckling
Unbelievers-(see Nonbelievers)
Unconditional Love-Prodigal Son
Under God-Betsy Ross
Understanding-(see Wisdom)
Unequally Yoked-(see Equally Yoked)
Uniqueness-Barber, Knitter, Ordinary People?, Tailor, Very Important Persons
Unity-Chavez, Dominoes, Jack & Jill, John, Neighbors, Ordinary People?, Quartet, Three Musketeers, Voters, Yankee Doodle (more)
Universe-Alien, Copernicus, Monkey's Nephew, Newton, Optometrist, Weather Girl, Young Earth
Unworthiness-(see Worthiness)

Values Clarification-Drivers, Gas Station Atdn., Mr. Itchy Ears, Rub-a-Dub (see also Absolute Truth, Lawlessness, Rules)
Violence-Bad Guys, Bully, Director, Gang, Loan Shark, Punch, Rock Star, Thinker
Virtue-Goody Two-Shoes (see also Purity)
Voting-Jefferson, Liberty Bell, Madison, Presidents, Trumpeter, Voters, Webster

War-American Eagle, Bank Teller, Barton, Franklin, Hippies, St. Joan of Arc, J. P. Jones, Lincoln, Military, Nightingale, Prisoner of War, Revere, Rickenbacker, Tubman, Uncle Sam, G. Washington (see also Spiritual Warfare)
Warnings-Fencer, The Irish, Trumpeter
Wasting Time-Couch Potato
Weariness-American Eagle, Ice Cream Parlor Man
Weather-Weather Girl
Winning-Owens, Hare & the Tortoise,
Wisdom-Ant, Baker, Carpenter, Cheerleader, Einstein, Emperor, Franklin, Giraffe, Heidi, Inuit, Librarian, Lifeguard, Mime, Mr. Itchy Ears, New Mother Hubbard, No-Evil Monkeys, Old People, Optometrist, Pandas, Parents, Private I., Rub-a-Dub, Scholars, Snowmen, Solomon, Teacher, Umpire, B. Washington, G. Washington, Wilderness Guide, X-Ray Man, Yukon Miner, Zigzagzoopman (see also Decisions)
Witchcraft-Bad Guys, Witch & Wizards (see also Occult)
Witnesses-Inventor, Jesus Christ
Work-Artist, Barton, Chavez, Child Laborers, Churchgoers, Elves, Laborers, Money Tree, Nobleman, Peter Pumpkin, Pied Piper, Rich Man Poor Man, Skunk (see also Laziness; Money; entire Occupations Set and costumes by job title; more)
Worry-Punch, Sandwich Board Boy, Shrinking Violet, Thief, The Very End, Yachtsman
Worship-Man Boy & Donkey, Handel, Lind

Youths-Athletes, Lamp, Movers, Ordinary People?, Prodigal Son, Quack, Restaurant Folks, Yachtsman (see also Babies,
Children, Examples, Influence)

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