_____There are many common questions people ask about God, the Bible, life, Christianity, eternity, etc. Although not all common questions are easy to answer, it is hoped that the subjects addressed below will be helpful.

_____Questions are followed by either:
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Creation and the Flood
Is evolution true? Adam and Eve, Cave Dwellers, Job, Monkey's Nephew, Mother Nature, Pasteur, Young Earth (see also Dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark)
How do you explain dinosaurs? Job and the Dinosaur, St. George, Loch Ness Monster, Noah, Quetzalcoatlus
Does the Bible say anything about continental drift? Peleg
Was there really a worldwide flood? Hawaiian Islander, Methuselah, Noah and the Ark
How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark? Noah and the Ark
How did animals get to remote areas? Peleg
Where did Cain's wife come from? Adam and Eve
How old is the earth? Young Earth
How can there be distant starlight if the universe if so young? Copernicus
How could different races descend from Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve, Cave Dwellers, Peleg

The Bible
How do I know the Bible is true? Didn’t mere men write it? Archaeologist, Inventor, Isaiah, Joseph and the Multicolored Coat, Luke, Paul, Peter
Why should I believe in Bible prophecy? Archaeologist, Isaiah, Jesus, Mary, Samuel Morse, Isaac Newton (see also Bible, End Times)
What are the Ten Commandments? Moses
Is the Bible old-fashioned? Johann Gutenberg, Private Investigator
What if I just made up my own rules? Drivers, Gas Station Attendant, Mr. Itchy Ears, Pandas, Rub-a-Dub-Dubbers, X-Ray Man
What about hard-to-believe Bible stories? Abraham and Sarah, Adam and Eve, King David, Job and the Dinosaur, Jonah and the Whale, Joshua, Methuselah, Noah's Ark, Wise Men
What does the Bible say about wisdom? Carpenter, Heidi, Librarian, Lifeguard, New Mother Hubbard, Old People, Rub-a-Dubbers, Scholars, Solomon, B. Washington, Zigzagzoopman
Are angels real? Angels, Gabriel, Michael

Why Christianity? Don't all paths lead to God? Flagman (see also Only One Way to Heaven, False Religions)
What is a Christian? Easter, Heirs of Heaven, Jesus Christ (see also Christian, What is a)
How can I accept Jesus, be saved and be born again? Jesus Christ (see also Accepting Jesus as Savior)
How do I know if I am a Christian or not? Martin Luther
What is required of me? Man, Boy and Donkey; Moses; Presidents
How can I know if I will go to Heaven? Jesus Christ (see also Accepting Jesus as Savior, Heaven, Salvation)
What do I have to gain by becoming a Christian? (see Abundant Life, Heaven, Peace)
What do I have to lose by not becoming a Christian? Fence-Sitter (see also Hell, Nonbelievers)
What about all those rules? Gutenberg (see also Rules)
What is free will? Robot
What if I have done a lot of bad things? Janitor, Jesus Christ, Magellan, Shot Putter, Time Machine, X-Outer, Zacchaeus (see also Forgiveness From God)
How can I avoid sin and become a stronger Christian? Computer Kid, Director, Dominoes, Escape Artist, No-Evil Monkeys, Queen of Hearts, Steadfast Tin Soldier, Thinker (see also Friends, Influence, Wisdom)
What if I think I don’t need God? Fisherman, Groucho Marx, Rich Man and the Beggar, Voyager (see also Atheists, Nonbelievers)
Why be in a hurry to decide whether to choose Jesus? Fence-Sitter, Late Rabbit
Where can I find other Christians? (see Church, Fellowship, Friends)
Which church should I go to? Churchgoers, John the Baptist, Minister
What about people who say they are Christians, but don't act like it? Diplomat, Hippocrits
What about preachers who act sinfully or who don't teach the truth? Mr. Itchy Ears, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
What is Communion? Baker
What is baptism? John the Baptist
Were any of my heroes Christians? (see most of the real people listed in the USA Set and the Miscellanea Set)
I’ve been a Christian for a while now. How can I serve God? Accountant, Artist (see also Serving God)
Can I be a good influence on others even if I am young? Director, Upperclassman, Yachtsman

Evil, Suffering and False Religions
Where did bad things come from? Adam and Eve, Devil, Executioner
Are all people basically good? Bad Guys
What does the Bible say about suffering? Little Bo Peep, Patient Patient, Sandwich Board Boy, Snow White, Snowmen, Steadfast Tin Soldier, Voyager, Window Washer
What about the devil, demons and false gods? Cat of 9 Lives, Devil, Fortune Teller, Ghouls, Mother Nature, Philosophers, Spirit Guides, Witch and Wizards, Zeus
Why is there no such thing as a good witch? Bad Guys, Witch and Wizards
Are aliens for real? Alien
What about spiritual warfare? Alien, Bear, Devil, Knight, Michael, Military Personnel, Prisoner of War, Robinson Crusoe, Rock Star, Teacher
What about false religions? Michael, Mr. Itchy Ears, Philosophers, Zeus

Life and Death
Who am I? Am I important to God? Barber, Gift, Heirs of Heaven, Knitter, Mr. and Mrs. Ugly, Nobleman, Ordinary People, Tailor, Very Important Persons, Voyager
What is the purpose/meaning of life? Why am I here? Robot, Voyager
What is the most important decision I will ever make? Cat of 9 Lives, Voyager
What is death like for believers? Sleeping Beauty
Is there such a thing as reincarnation? Cat of 9 Lives

What is heaven like? Forever n’ Ever Friends, Heirs of Heaven, Invisible Boy, Groucho Marx, Movers, Patient Patient, Pearl Diver, Real Estate Agent, Sleeping Beauty, Very Important Persons, Voyager, X-Outer, Zookeeper (see also Accepting Jesus, Evangelism, Heaven, Hell, Mark of the Beast, Nonbelievers, Only One Way to Heaven, Rapture, Rewards in Heaven)
What is hell like? Devil, Executioner, Fence-Sitter, Fisherman, Groucho Marx, Rich Man and the Beggar, Voyager (see also Hell)
How can I get to heaven instead of hell? Jesus Christ, Fisherman, Flagman (see also Accepting Jesus as Savior)

Does God exist? (see Creation)
Was Jesus really the Messiah? Jesus Christ
What is the Trinity? St. Patrick
Where is God? Deep-Sea Diver
What did God ever do for me? Child Laborers, Happy Camper Kids, Inuit, Jesus Christ, Pollyanna, Thanksgiving (also see Salvation, Blessings, Thankfulness)

End Times
Are Bible prophecies always 100% correct? Archaeology, Isaiah, Jesus Christ
What is the Rapture? Alien, Doorman, Snow White, The Very End?
What is the tribulation? Doorman, Hippies
What is the Mark and why should I not take it? Doorman, Tattooed Man, The Very End?
What is the millennium? The Very End?

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